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Newborn Photoshoot

I’m excited to introduce you to Marci, a newborn baby who recently had her photo session at home with Emerald Photo UK.


Newborn baby photography is a popular way to capture the precious moments of a baby’s early life. It is a unique and special time as babies grow and change quickly in their first few weeks. By capturing these moments in photographs, you can preserve them forever and treasure them for years.


As a creative documentary-style family photographer with more than 10+ years of experience, I can guarantee you will love your photos! I understand that every baby is unique and has a personality, so I always work to capture that personality in each photo I take. I aim to create beautiful, timeless images you and your family will cherish forever.

Marci’s newborn baby photo session at home was a wonderful experience. Her parents wanted to capture the natural beauty of their newborn baby, and I was thrilled to work with them to make that happen. I arrived at their home with my studio equipment and set up a small studio in the living room. I mostly used natural light from the windows to create a soft and natural feel to the photos, and if necessary, I added an extra push with my added lights.


Marci was such a sweet and cooperative baby on his newborn photoshoot, and he made my job so much easier! I was able to capture some beautiful shots of him sleeping, as well as some pictures of him awake and alert.

This photo series was just about the newborn baby and his moments. In my newborn photo sessions, usually, it is essential that the parents also appear in the pictures, including them, with particular emphasis on the bonds, feelings and small moments between the family members and the newborn.

We would be thrilled to work with you if you want a newborn baby photography session at home. As an experienced photographer, I know how to capture your baby’s beauty and personality; I will work with you to create the perfect photos for your family. Contact me today to schedule your session!


As a lifestyle family photographer, I suggest scheduling your newborn pictures within the first two weeks after the baby’s birth. This timeframe is ideal because newborns are sleepier, more flexible, and have intact adorable features. It allows capturing those precious, curled-up poses and the essence of their newness.

Planning and scheduling the session as soon as possible after the baby arrives is essential for a newborn photoshoot at home. This ensures that you can capture those fleeting moments and create lasting memories in the comfort of your own home.

When it comes to newborn photoshoot poses, a skilled photographer will have a repertoire of gentle and natural poses highlighting the baby’s innocence and beauty.

Remember to choose a photographer experienced in working with newborns who prioritizes safety and comfort during the session. By scheduling your newborn pictures early and selecting a skilled photographer, you can preserve the precious moments of your baby’s early days in stunning photographs.


To ensure a successful newborn photoshoot, here are some essential tips to get your little one ready:

  1. Schedule the shoot: Contact and set a date for the newborn photo session. It’s ideal to plan the session within the first two weeks of your baby’s arrival when they are sleepier and more likely to cooperate.
  2. Prepare the surroundings: If you’re having a newborn photo shoot at home, choose a well-lit room with ample natural light. Clear any clutter and create a clean, visually appealing backdrop. Consider using blankets, pillows, or props to enhance the aesthetics.
  3. Keep the baby comfortable: Before the photoshoot, ensure your newborn is well-rested, fed, and relaxed. A well-rested baby is more likely to be cooperative and less fussy during the session. 
  4. Dress them appropriately: Choose simple, comfortable outfits that complement your desired aesthetic. Soft, solid-coloured onesies or swaddles work well as they won’t distract from the focus, which is capturing your newborn’s unique features. Avoid clothing with large logos or patterns that may overshadow the baby.
  5. Maintain a warm environment: Newborns are used to being in warm climates, so ensure the room temperature is comfortable, around 75-80°F (24-27°C). You can use a small space heater or warm blankets to keep your baby cosy between shots.
  6. Be patient and flexible: Newborns have their schedules, so they must be patient and allow breaks if needed. Don’t rush the process; be open to the photographer’s suggestions and creative ideas. Remember, the goal is to capture beautiful moments; sometimes, it may take time to get the perfect shot.
  7. Involve the family: If you’re interested in capturing newborn photos, plan outfits for the rest of the family in coordination with your photographer. Encourage family members to interact and bond with the baby during the shoot to capture heartwarming moments. Coordinating colours or styles can create a cohesive look in the final images.
  8. Safety first: Safety should always be the top priority when working with a newborn. Ensure the photographer has experience and expertise in handling newborns, and don’t hesitate to ask about their safety measures and practices. Always have someone nearby to assist with positioning or to provide support if needed.

Following these tips can help create a comfortable and enjoyable environment for your newborn during the photoshoot.


A newborn session typically occurs within the first two weeks of the baby’s life, when they are sleepy and can be easily posed. I don’t like posed pictures so you won’t get wrapped baby pictures. What you can expect are genuine and honest moments with your newborn baby. 

The session will typically last between two and four hours, depending on the needs of the baby and the desired outcome. Whenever we need to take a break, we rest.

During the session, you can expect to spend a lot of time working with the baby to get them into positions and situations. Working slowly and gently is essential, as taking breaks to feed, change, or soothe the baby.

You may also work with the parents to capture images of them holding and cuddling the baby and any siblings or other family members who may be present. Overall, a newborn session is a beautiful and intimate experience that allows you to capture the early moments of a new life.



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