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If you want to preserve the fleeting moments of your newborn’s early days with timeless photos, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Eszter, and I specialize in newborn photography in Bristol. I’m passionate about creating natural and heartfelt images that capture the essence of your newborn and your family‘s unique story.

What to expect at a family photo session

Why Choose Newborn Photography Services?

As a professional specializing in natural newborn photography in Bristol, I understand how precious and brief these early days are. Here’s why you might consider choosing my services:

  • Natural and Creative Approach: My style is all about capturing the pure, unposed beauty of your newborn. I use natural light and subtle, soft backgrounds to enhance the tender details of your baby during our newborn baby photoshoot.

  • Comfortable, In-Home Sessions: For your convenience and comfort, I conduct newborn baby photography Bristol sessions in your home. This relaxed setting helps capture genuine moments in an environment that’s familiar to you and your baby.

  • Tailored Experiences: Each family is unique, and so is every session. I take the time to understand your family’s dynamics and preferences, making each newborn family photoshoot truly personalized.

  • Comprehensive Photography Services: From newborn family photography to capturing the beautiful stages of your pregnancy, I offer a range of services that include family newborn photoshoots and maternity sessions.
Hungarian family portrait with traditional clothes on a family portrait session in Bristol, UK
newborn baby with beautiful blue eyes looking into the camera during a newborn photo session in Bristol
tiny newborn feet
Little sister looking at the camera at a family portrait session

Gallery of Precious Memories

My gallery showcases a selection of baby photoshoots that embody the spirit and love of the families I’ve worked with. You’ll see everything from serene maternity photographs to intimate newborn family photoshoots:

  • Maternity Moments: Elegant and serene shots that highlight the anticipation of motherhood.

  • Newborn Baby Photoshoot: Capturing the serene and blissful moments of newborns in their first few days.

  • Newborn Family Photoshoot: Photographs that capture the interaction and bond between the newborn and family members, adding a rich, emotional depth to your baby’s first portraits.
mother's kiss for the newborn at a newborn photography bristol session
dad looking after the newborn baby with care
family photographer bristol

Booking Your Newborn Session- Newborn Photography Bristol

Booking your newborn photography session with me is straightforward and stress-free:

  • Initial Consultation: Contact me to discuss your vision for the session. We can cover everything from the style of the baby photoshoot to the scheduling details.

  • Flexible Scheduling: We try to schedule the sessions within the first two weeks after birth when newborns are most sleepy and pliable, but we are flexible to fit your family’s timing.

  • The Photoshoot: On the day of your newborn baby photoshoot, I’ll handle all aspects of the shoot, ensuring your baby and family are comfortable and the session runs smoothly.

  • Post-Session Editing: I select and edit the finest images from your session, ensuring each photograph reflects the authentic beauty and emotion of your family’s moments.
newborn baby portrait with cute baby clothes and half naked body
newborn baby session at home by Emerald Photo UK
dad kisses the newborn baby during a newborn baby photo session in Bristol

Got some questions?

Let me answer them!

The ideal time to schedule a newborn photography session is within the first 5-14 days after birth. During this time, newborns tend to sleep more deeply and curl up naturally into those sweet, classic newborn poses. Booking in advance of your due date ensures we can accommodate you during this optimal window.

Newborn sessions typically last between 2-4 hours. This allows plenty of time for feeding, diaper changes, and comforting as needed to keep your baby relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot.

I recommend wearing simple, comfortable clothing in neutral or soft pastel colours for family photos. Avoid busy patterns and bright colours, as they can distract from the natural beauty of your family and the newborn. Coordinating outfits can bring a cohesive look to your photos.

All sessions take place in your home to ensure you and your newborn are most comfortable. I bring all the necessary photography equipment and props to you. This home environment also helps capture your newborn in a personal and meaningful setting.

Choose a room with good natural light, if possible, and try to keep the space warm and quiet. A warm environment is crucial as it keeps your newborn comfortable and sleepy. Clear any clutter from the area where we’ll be shooting to ensure a clean background for your photos.

Your baby’s safety is my top priority. I am trained in newborn handling and safety, and I ensure that every pose and prop is safe and comfortable for your baby. I also sanitize all props and equipment before each session and adhere to all current health guidelines to ensure a safe environment.

Absolutely! Siblings are encouraged to be a part of the session. It’s a wonderful way to capture the new relationships and bonds forming within the family. I have experience working with children of all ages and can guide them gently through the process.

Hungarian family with traditional Hungarian clothes on a family portrait session with a baby



Don’t let these precious early days slip by! Secure a spot for your newborn photography session today and preserve the fleeting moments of your baby’s first weeks with beautiful, lasting images.

If you have any questions or need more information about our services, I’m here to help. Feel free to reach out so we can discuss how to perfectly capture your newborn’s early days.

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