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Hey there, lovely couples! As a wedding photographer with a decade of experience, I’m here to sprinkle a bit of sparkle on your big day with one of my absolute favourite moments to capture—the sparkler exit! It’s that magical time when the sun dips below the horizon, and you get to dance through a tunnel of twinkling lights, surrounded by the smiles of your loved ones.

I’m thrilled to share some essential tips for dazzling your sparkler wedding photos in this blog post. We’ll talk about choosing the right sparklers that last long enough for that perfect shot, setting up a dreamy scene, and some little tricks to keep everything flowing smoothly. So grab a cup of something cosy, and let’s get into how you can light up your wedding album with these glittering memories!

A Guide to Sparkler Wedding Photos

As a wedding photographer, I’ve been able to capture countless beautiful moments, but sparkler wedding photos hold a special enchantment for couples and guests alike. Something truly magical about these illuminated snapshots makes them a standout feature in any wedding album.

This guide is your go-to resource for mastering sparkler wedding photos. From orchestrating the perfect sparkler moment that lights up the night to ensuring safety and capturing those breathtaking shots, we’ve got all the angles covered.

Dive into everything you need about sparkler wedding photos, including detailed planning and safety tips, creative inspiration for capturing the light just the right way, and editing techniques to enhance the sparkling effect. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding wedding photographer, this post will equip you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to create stunning sparkler wedding photos that couples will treasure.

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Planning the Perfect Sparkler Moment

Planning your sparkler moment with some foresight can transform a simple gesture into a dazzling highlight of your wedding day. Here’s a streamlined guide to ensure your sparkler wedding photos are nothing short of spectacular:

  1. Venue Approval: Confirm that your venue allows sparklers. Different places have varied regulations regarding open flames.
  2. Timing: Choose a strategic time for the sparkler event, like your grand exit or as a stunning backdrop to your first dance outdoors.
  3. Select Quality Sparklers: Opt for long-burning, smokeless sparklers to ensure they light up your photos without rushing or smog.
  4. Safety Measures: Safety is crucial. Arrange for buckets of water or sand for safe disposal and give clear instructions on sparkler handling.
  5. Organize Your Guests: Organize your guests to form two lines, creating a mesmerizing sparkler tunnel. This looks magical and ensures ample space for you to walk through comfortably while your photographer captures the sparkler wedding photos.
  6. Communicate with Your Photographer: Ensure your photographer knows about the sparkler plan to adjust their equipment for low-light conditions.
  7. Rehearse: If possible, do a quick run-through with some guests to ensure everyone knows what to do during the sparkler moment.
  8. Add a Personal Touch: Customize the experience with unique formations or movements that reflect your personality or love story.

This guide is designed to make your sparkler moment a radiant and memorable part of your wedding album, illuminating the joy and beauty of your special day with sparkler wedding photos.

wedding portrait with sparkler

Choosing the Right Sparklers

Choosing the right sparklers for your sparkler wedding photos ensures your special moment’s beauty and safety. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting sparklers:

1. Burn Time

For sparkler wedding photos, opt for sparklers with a longer burn time, ideally around 60 seconds or more. Longer-lasting sparklers give you more time to set up and execute the shot without feeling rushed, allowing your guests to organize and you to move gracefully through the sparkling tunnel. This also gives your photographer more opportunities to capture stunning sparkler wedding photos.

2. Smokelessness

Select smokeless sparklers, typically made with a wire core instead of wood. These sparklers produce less smoke, ensuring clearer, cleaner sparkler wedding photos and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere and high visibility during the event.

3. Size and Safety

The size of the sparkler affects both the visual impact and safety. Longer sparklers, typically around 20-36 inches, are preferred because they keep the flames further away from guests and burn longer. However, ensure they are handled carefully, especially in crowded settings.

4. Quality

Invest in high-quality sparklers. Higher quality means a more reliable and consistent burn, crucial for timing your photos perfectly. Avoid cheaper, low-quality sparklers that might burn out quickly or unevenly.

5. Test Before the Event

Testing a few sparklers before the wedding day is a good idea. This helps you understand how they burn and how much smoke they produce, and it allows you to make any necessary adjustments in advance.

6. Purchase from Reputable Vendors

Ensure you purchase your sparklers from reputable vendors known for their quality wedding or event sparklers. This step guarantees that the sparklers are safe and specifically designed for prolonged indoor or outdoor use, making them ideal for sparkler wedding photos.

7. Legal and Venue Compliance

Lastly, check the legal restrictions in your area regarding sparklers and confirm with your venue that they are allowed. This avoids any legal or venue policy issues on your big day.

wedding couple in the evening with sparklers by andreas ronningen

By selecting the right sparklers, you can ensure that this sparkling moment of your wedding is stunning and safe, leaving you with beautiful memories to cherish forever.

The market has many types, varieties, and sizes of sparklers. There are, for example, many companies that only deal with this. But if you want to do unique, stylish sparkler photography at your wedding, you should also look around on Etsy or Amazon.

There are also sheets with unique and trendy cards that you can place next to the sparkler box to create a cosy little corner. When choosing the right size sparkler, we should not choose a short but a longer one since a 4-inch one usually burns for 20 seconds, while a 16-inch one burns for one and a half minutes.

If we choose the shorter one, be sure to pay attention to the fact that you may even have to ask your guests to hold two sparklers in their hands to get the right picture.

Safety First: Tips for Sparkler Photography

When capturing the magical moments of a wedding day, sparkler wedding photography can add a uniquely enchanting touch. However, ensuring safety during these sparkling moments is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure everyone enjoys the celebration. Here are some essential safety tips for sparkler photography at weddings:

1. Preparation and Communication

Inform your guests ahead of time about the sparkler event. Provide clear instructions on light, hold, and dispose of sparklers safely. Announcing these instructions before the event and again on the spot can prevent mishandling.

2. Designated Lighting Stations

Set up specific stations for lighting sparklers, equipped with multiple lighters or matches. This helps manage the flow and prevents crowding and accidental burns. Have a few designated individuals to oversee the lighting to ensure it goes smoothly.

3. Use Proper Holding Techniques

Advise everyone to hold sparklers at arm’s length and away from the body and face. This reduces the risk of burn injuries from sparks. Children should only handle sparklers under close adult supervision, or not at all, depending on their age and the event’s setting.

4. Keep Water Buckets or Sand Bins Nearby

Place buckets of water or sand bins at strategic points to safely dispose of spent sparklers. This prevents littering and ensures that the hot metal sticks are cooled off properly to avoid any fire hazards.

Wedding guests light the sparklers for a beautiful night wedding portrait.

5. Choose an Open Area

Conduct the sparkler event in a spacious, open area to prevent sparks from igniting nearby flammable materials like decorations or guests’ clothing. An open setting also gives more room for the photographer to manoeuvre and capture different angles safely.

6. Check Wind and Weather Conditions

Before initiating the sparkler moment, check for wind conditions. Strong winds can direct sparks unpredictably, increasing the risk of accidents. If the weather is unfavourable, consider adjusting the timing or the location under cover to protect against wind.

7. Have a First Aid Kit Ready

Always have a first aid kit accessible during the event, equipped with minor burns and cut treatments. Quick access to first aid can make a significant difference in treating any accidental injuries immediately.

8. Coordinate with the Photographer

Ensure your photographer is informed about the plan and prepared with the right equipment and settings for low-light conditions. The photographer should also know where to stand to avoid getting too close to the action while capturing the best shots.

By following these safety tips, you can help ensure that your sparkler photography session adds a spectacular, safe, and memorable highlight to your wedding day.

Making Magic with Sparkler Light Painting (Optional)

Making magic with sparkler light painting at your wedding offers an extraordinary opportunity to capture dynamic, ethereal images that truly stand out. This technique involves using long-exposure photography to record the light trails created by moving sparklers during the shot. The result is a vivid, flowing design of light that can add a whimsical or even surreal element to your wedding photos.

Understanding Light Painting

Light painting with sparklers relies on a photography method where the camera’s shutter stays open for a longer period, typically a few seconds. Any movement of light sources, like sparklers, is captured as streaks across the frame during this time. The surrounding darkness is essential because it keeps the focus on the bright paths of the sparklers.

Setting the Scene

You’ll need a dark environment—usually post-sunset—where the sparklers can shine. Plan a specific area that’s safe and spacious enough for guests to move around with their sparklers. It’s important to have a trial run to ensure everyone knows the paths or patterns they should create with their sparklers. Simple shapes, initials, or dates work wonderfully and add a personal touch to the imagery.

sparkler wedding photo with a beautiful couple

Tips for Successful Light Painting

  1. Use the Right Equipment: A camera capable of manual settings is a must, as you’ll need to adjust the exposure time, aperture, and ISO sensitivity. A sturdy tripod is also crucial to avoid any unwanted camera movement.
  2. Safety First: Since the technique requires people to move around with lit sparklers in a dark environment, clear safety instructions are necessary. Ensure all participants know their surroundings and keep a safe distance from each other.
  3. Collaborate with Your Photographer: Your photographer should be experienced with or willing to experiment with long-exposure techniques. Discuss your vision with them, and ensure they’re prepared with the right lenses and settings to capture the scene effectively.

Capturing the Magic of sparkler wedding photo

Participants should move smoothly and steadily during the actual light painting to create clear, continuous light trails. The photographer might take several attempts to perfect the timing and the movement’s synchronization with the camera’s long exposure setting.

Light painting with sparklers adds a fun activity to your wedding and provides a unique visual element in your wedding album. It’s a modern twist on traditional wedding photography that can reflect the joy and magic of your special day.

The Moment to Remember

A sparkler send-off is more than just a vibrant display; it’s a beautifully luminous finale that can elevate your wedding day into unforgettable memories. As you and your guests twirl and dance under the stars, each flicker of light captures the joy, love, and hope of your new beginning. This moment is not just for the photo books—it’s a heartfelt celebration that stays etched in your hearts, sparkling with the promise of tomorrow. Make sure it’s captured beautifully, safely, and with a touch of magic so that when you look back, you feel the warmth and light of that perfect night all over again.

sparklers on your wedding day



As you plan your wedding, remember that sparkler wedding photos on your wedding day can beautifully capture the magic of your love story. With careful planning, safety measures, and a dash of creativity, your wedding sparkler photos will become cherished mementoes of your wedding day.

So, embrace the sparkle, light up the night, and let your love shine through the lens. Your wedding day is your unique love story; sparkler photos are the perfect chapter.

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of sparkler photos for your wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you create the wedding album of your dreams, filled with moments that will sparkle forever.

Book a call with us, and we can discuss every little detail!

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