Getting ready wedding photos


getting ready wedding photos

Why getting ready wedding photos are so important? Let’s find out!

I recommend to all of my brides to get preparation photos on their wedding day because it helps a candid-style wedding photographer capture all the candid and intimate moments from start to finish. It also helps to get closer and get comfortable with the camera’s presence as someone will be with you for the rest of the day and document every moment of your big day.

This also allows you to spend time with your loved ones and the bridesmaids, who are essential to you at the beginning of your biggest day, cool your nerves down and have a lot of fun together. So why do you not organise a champagne reception with them together in unique gowns? Take the chance to be with your dear ones and the bridesmaids, who are important to you on your special day.

This will help you relax, enjoy their company, and relieve nervousness. How about planning a delightful champagne reception with them, all dressed in stunning gowns? It’s a wonderful way to have a great time together, preventing overwhelming thoughts about the sequential programs and reducing stress.

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There are a lot of opportunities to take pictures even if the bride is getting ready for wedding at home or maybe already at the venue. If you are getting prepared at home, it is essential to capture in the photo series those objects that evoke special moments and feelings for you, such as a family photo with someone who can no longer be with us or, for example, a piece of jewellery- it can be even your wedding ring which is the inheritance of your grandparents or an object that we received from a significant person.

You’ve also often thought I don’t want pictures of me dressing up on my wedding day because it wastes time, and I’m not happy with my body anyway. Let me tell you something! You can get the most exciting and touching pictures if you take the time and energy to have your photographer with you from the beginning of your wedding day. Why?

This reading will be perfect for you to understand why it is essential to document it from the beginning and to have the person who wants to write the whole story of your big day.

What do brides wear while getting ready?

It depends on you and your style. Getting ready wedding photos are the perfect opportunity to show how your wedding differs from anyone else’s. If you would like to get some stylish and unique getting-ready photos in that case, I recommend that you make a unique, personalized gown for yourself and your bridesmaids.

One thing is sure: wear simple and comfortable clothes to help you relax during your wedding preparations. Loose, relatively thin material accentuating feminine lines or any dress that is not tight but relaxing is perfect for preparation photos. This is also really important, as brides are often the most stressed at this time. They worry about whether everything will be okay, whether they can follow the plan, etc. Thus, if, during this period, you are surrounded by the people who calm you down the most and with whom you have the most fun, everything becomes much more manageable.

funny bride moments with bridesmaids are having champagne on the wedding day
getting ready wedding photos
ultimate wedding photography checklist for couples who are getting married

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Bride getting ready ideas

This is the fun part! 

You can get inspiration for the day, such as on Pinterest or many other platforms, to create something extraordinary and unique for your wedding preparations. It is perfect if you organize these in advance and buy everything. This is also an excellent opportunity to arrange something special with bridesmaids or female relatives, e.g. grandmother, mother, or godmother.

For example, one of the most important things in getting ready for a wedding is who is present when the bride-to-be puts on her wedding dress. It is always someone who is the most important woman in the bride’s life.

However, the preparation also allows us to surprise the people most important to us with something, which is why, in many cases, brides give a handwritten thank-you note to their loved ones or treat them with a unique gift.

So, if I can advise you on one thing, leave enough time for preparation and spend enough time with your loved ones and bridesmaids on your big day, because believe me, this day is significant to them too, and they deserve to have some fun and time with you.

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must have getting-ready photos

Since this is an essential part of the wedding for a bride, I thought it would be better to summarize the must-have getting-ready photos list to ensure that you will not miss any moment of getting ready on your big day. So here is a little summary of the most important pictures to take in your wedding preparation!

  1. Wedding dresses and wedding accessories detail shots
  2. Having fun with bridesmaids
  3. Bride getting ready (make-up and hair)
  4. Bridesmaid and Bride’s mum are getting ready
  5. Put on the wedding dress

If you want to know more about the must-have photos you need on your wedding day, look at my ultimate wedding photography checklist.

portraits of the bride

In my opinion, this is one of the essential parts when brides prepare for their wedding day. And the reason behind why?

Let me explain. How did you feel when you were little and dreamed of the prince that one day he would appear on a white horse? Probably super excited. And I’m also sure that how you look is essential to you when it comes to the most important person.

So your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to capture your most beautiful and happiest moments. So why not want some unique and gorgeous portraits when you are most attractive and satisfied?

getting ready wedding photos

What photos should you take at a wedding?

After you’ve entirely managed to relax with your friends and generate a good atmosphere on your wedding day, it’s time to continue this mood throughout the day. This allows you to get used to the camera’s presence and that even though someone is around you during the day, you can benefit from it. After all, getting ready with friends gives you an excellent opportunity to provide the start to an exciting day.

So now you can look at an ultimate wedding photo checklist I made to ensure you will not miss any of your best moments on your biggest day.

Here is the ultimate wedding photography checklist!

ultimate wedding photography checklist by Emerald Photo UK
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The ‘getting ready’ moments on your wedding day are filled with anticipation, excitement, and a touch of magic. These intimate pre-ceremony hours are a treasure trove of memories waiting to be captured.

At Emerald Photo UK, we specialize in turning these precious moments into lasting keepsakes. If you’re excited about capturing these special moments beautifully and authentically, we’re here to make it happen.

Want to discuss how we can best capture your ‘getting ready’ experience? We’re full of ideas and would love to hear yours. Book a call with us to start planning.


Embracing Authenticity: How to Ensure Your Wedding Photos Reflect the Real You

Simplify your wedding planning with this comprehensive guide. From timelines to shot lists, get expert advice on organizing your wedding photography effortlessly. This planner is designed to ease your stress and help you enjoy the journey to your big day.

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