The Top 12 Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues in Bristol


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If you’re anything like me, you see your wedding not just as a celebration but as a reflection of your deepest values and dreams.

You probably see your pet not just as a pet, but as a family member who has to be there as you say your “I do’s.” This guide is for you, the dreamers, the romantics, and those who see their wedding day as an intimate expression of their unique love story.

Let’s explore some of the most magical dog-friendly wedding venues in Bristol where your furry friends are not just allowed but welcomed with open arms.

Best Dog-Friendly Wedding Venues in Bristol

1. Ashton Court Mansion: Elegance Meets Accessibility

Picture this: saying your vows under the vast sky, surrounded by acres of stunning parkland. Ashton Court is perfect for capturing those moments with your dog trotting around, adding a joyful spirit to the elegant setting.

Think of the fantastic photos we can take with such gorgeous architecture and nature as our backdrop!

Ashton Court Estate wedding venue bristol
Arnos Vale wedding barn venue

2. Arnos Vale: Rich History and Lush Settings

Imagine tying the knot surrounded by the whispering trees and historic gravestones of Arnos Vale. It’s quiet, serene, and just a bit mystical—perfect for those who want a touch of history.

Your pet will look adorable against this lush, green backdrop, and I can capture that deep, meaningful connection between you all.

3. Berwick Lodge: Secluded Splendor

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, Berwick Lodge offers a more intimate setting. It’s just you, your beloved, your guests, and, of course, your pet, surrounded by luxury and peace. It’s the ideal spot for those heartfelt, candid shots that show what your big day feels like on the inside.

Berwick Lodge bristol wedding venue

Unique Venues That Embrace Four-Legged Friends

clifton pavilion,bristol zoo dog friendly wedding venues

4. The Clifton Pavilion, Bristol Zoo Gardens: Exotic and Engaging

Getting married at the zoo? Yes, please! The Clifton Pavilion is as fun and vibrant as it sounds. With exotic plants and animals around, it’s a paradise for adventurous pets and makes for some truly unique and colourful wedding photos.

5. SS Great Britain: Nautical Nuptials with Your Pet

All aboard for a wedding that’s anything but ordinary! The SS Great Britain offers a blend of historical intrigue and nautical charm—imagine your dog dressed in a tiny sailor outfit! We’ll get some fantastic shots with the ship’s rustic features providing a striking contrast.

ss great britain dog friendly wedding venues
the glassboat Bristol wedding venue at night

6. The Glassboat Brasserie: Stylish Waterfront Weddings

Floating on the water, the Glassboat Brasserie serves up city lights and romantic reflections. It’s perfect for evening weddings where the sunset makes everything look golden. Plus, is your pet chilling by the water? That’s some next-level adorable content right there.

Country Retreats: Scenic Venues for Nature Lovers

7. The Watermill at Priston Mill: Rustic Charm

The Watermill at Priston Mill will charm your socks off if you’re a nature lover. It’s all old stones and water wheels, with plenty of green for your dog to explore. We can capture those spontaneous moments of joy and freedom—absolutely perfect for your wedding album.

Priston Mill barn wedding venue inside
a long table set for a wedding reception at The Barn at Old Down Estate

8. Old Down Estate: Acres of Natural Beauty

At Old Down Estate, it feels like the whole sky is yours. Wide-open fields, stunning vistas, and the freedom to roam. Picture your pet running around, completely at home in this natural setting, while we capture every joyful moment.

9. Leigh Court: Classical Elegance

Leigh Court is where classic architecture meets soft, dreamy landscapes. It’s grand yet intimate, and adding your pet into the mix brings a touch of home to the elegance. We’ll get some timeless photos of you all together, surrounded by beauty.

a large building with a staircase and a tiled floor at leigh court wedding venue

City Chic: Urban Locations with a Pet-Friendly Twist

a restaurant with tables and chairs and beautiful view to the Suspension Bridge, Bristol

10. The Avon Gorge Hotel: Stunning Views of the Clifton Suspension Bridge

For those who love city vibes but still want that touch of nature, The Avon Gorge Hotel is perfect. The iconic suspension bridge in the background, the urban energy, and your pet loving every bit of attention—it’s a fantastic place for dynamic, vibrant wedding photos.

11. Paintworks Event Space: Creative and Contemporary

At Paintworks, every corner is a photo op, with its cool, artsy walls and industrial chic setting. It’s perfect for creative souls looking to make a statement. And with your pet by your side, we can add some warm, fuzzy feelings to the modern vibe.

a room with white tables and white chairs at Paintworks wedding venue in Bristol
a group of chairs in a wedding setup at a garden at the Mansion house, Bristol

12. The Mansion House: Victorian Elegance in the Heart of the City

Right in the centre of Bristol, The Mansion House is all about Victorian sophistication. Its lush gardens and ornate interiors are just waiting to be the backdrop to your elegant, pet-included wedding photos. Think of the stunning contrast between the refined setting and the sweet, simple joy of your pet’s presence.

So there we have it—a little tour through some of Bristol‘s most charming, dog-friendly wedding venues. Each one offers something special, not just for you but for your pet too. Because let’s face it, they’re part of the family, and your big day wouldn’t be complete without them. Ready to start planning? I’m here to capture every moment, ensuring your wedding photos reflect the depth and joy of your unique love story.


Let me answer them!

Choosing dog-friendly wedding venues ensures that all members of your family can participate in your special day, including your cherished pets. For many couples, their dog is more than just a pet; it’s a family member whose presence adds joy and personality to the festivities.

A dog-friendly venue allows you to celebrate your love without leaving behind an important part of your life, ensuring your wedding is truly a reflection of your union and shared values. Moreover, it adds a unique, playful element to your wedding photos and the overall experience, making your big day even more memorable.

Generally, registry offices have strict rules about animals on premises, and most do not allow dogs, except for assistance animals. However, policies can vary by location, so it’s always a good idea to check with the specific registry office where you plan to hold your ceremony to confirm their regulations regarding pets.

Wales boasts numerous scenic venues that are perfect for a small, dog-friendly wedding. Some popular choices include:

  • Craig-y-Nos Castle: Located in the Brecon Beacons National Park, this castle offers a picturesque setting that is welcoming to dogs.
  • The Plough Rhosmaen: A boutique hotel with stunning views of the Welsh countryside, providing a cosy and intimate setting for your wedding.
  • Fairyhill by Oldwalls: Nestled in the heart of Gower, this venue provides luxury amidst lush green landscapes, and is known for accommodating dogs.

Whether dogs are allowed in church for a wedding often depends on the specific church’s policies and the discretion of the officiant. Some churches are open to the idea, particularly if the dog is well-behaved and plays a significant role in the family or ceremony (e.g., as a ring bearer).

However, many churches may have restrictions or may not allow pets at all. It’s essential to consult with the church where you intend to have your wedding to understand their specific rules regarding pets.

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