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Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I get to share the magic of Hungarian wedding traditions with you. As a photographer, I’ve had the joy of capturing these incredible celebrations, and I’m here to give you a peek into the traditions, food, dancing, and all the little moments that make these weddings so special. This guide is for those of you who love deep connections and romantic vibes and want to make a difference. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of these weddings!

a white lace wedding dress on a tree
a pair of black shoes and a watch on a wood floor from the groom preparation
two rings on a rock with beautiful spots of light

Traditional Pre-Wedding Customs

Let’s start with the fun stuff before the big day! Hungarian wedding traditions have some really heartwarming pre-wedding customs. One of my favourites is the “kikérés.” This is where the groom, along with his friends and family, goes to the bride’s house to formally ask for her hand in marriage. It’s a super emotional moment filled with heartfelt speeches and blessings. They even tie a ribbon around the bride and groom’s hands to symbolize their union. It’s just so touching!

Another lovely tradition is the “háztűznéző,” where both families get together to bond before the wedding. It’s all about building community and creating strong ties between the families. As someone who values deep relationships, I know you’d appreciate the significance of these moments.

a group of men standing on a chariot on a typical hungarian wedding
a group of men in suits are shouting as a hungarian wedding tradition

The Ceremony: A Blend of Tradition and Love

Now, onto the ceremony itself! The Hungarian wedding ceremony is a beautiful mix of tradition and love. They often take place in gorgeous churches or stunning outdoor settings. As a photographer, I love capturing these serene and picturesque locations.

The exchange of vows and rings is always a highlight, especially when it includes lighting a unity candle. This act represents the merging of two lives into one, which is such a powerful and romantic gesture. It’s these little touches that make these weddings so special and memorable.

traditional wedding ceremony in a beautiful hungarian church
bride and the groom in the church during the wedding ceremony
groom holding a candle on a hungarian church wedding ceremony

Traditional Hungarian Wedding Attire

Let’s talk about the outfits! The bride typically wears a stunning Hungarian wedding dress with intricate embroidery, sometimes passed down through generations. There is also the option of a traditional Hungarian wedding dress that adds a rich cultural flair to the ceremony. Occasionally, the bride might even wear a Hungarian wedding red dress, symbolizing joy and celebration.

The groom might wear a traditional black suit with a red or white ribbon, symbolizing purity and commitment. Guests often get into the spirit too, donning traditional folk costumes that add a vibrant splash of color to the celebration. Photographing these beautiful garments against the backdrop of Hungarian landscapes always results in breathtaking photos.

family portraits with every wedding guests in Csömör, Hungary
bridesmaids in red dresses poses with the bride in a garden ceremony
the bride and the bridesmaids are in the garden having a group shot pointing to the bride's wedding ring

Feast and Festivities: A Culinary Delight

The Hungarian wedding food is elaborate, featuring delicious dishes like gulyás (goulash), töltött káposzta (stuffed cabbage), and the famous Hungarian wedding cake, known for its rich flavours and beautiful designs. Capturing the joy on guests’ faces as they enjoy these culinary delights is always a highlight for me.

The feast is filled with laughter, toasts, and heartfelt speeches, creating unforgettable memories for everyone involved. It’s a time for everyone to come together, celebrate, and enjoy each other’s company.

champagne reception with Törley on a traditional hungarian wedding

Dancing and Music: All-Night Celebrations

Get ready to dance the night away! Hungarian weddings are known for their lively, all-night celebrations filled with dancing and music. The wedding dance is a central part of the festivities, with traditional folk dances, like the csárdás, performed to the sounds of violins and cimbaloms.

Capturing the couple’s first dance is always magical. It’s a moment that reflects their unique bond and the start of their journey together. The energy and joy of the dancers create dynamic and captivating photos that tell the story of the night.

quests are having fun on a hungarian wedding with the bride and groom
wedding guests are dancing on the dancefloor at a hungarian wedding
wedding guest with super cool red sunglasses
crazy dancing moves with wedding guest

Memorable Touches: Unique Rituals and Symbols

Weddings have some unique and playful rituals. One of the most fun is the “bride kidnapping,” where friends playfully “kidnap” the bride, and the groom must “rescue” her. It’s all about the groom’s dedication and love, and it always leads to lots of laughter and great candid photos.

Another memorable touch is breaking a plate for good luck. These little rituals add so much personality and meaning to the wedding, making it a truly special event.

a girl in a tutu dancing on the dancefloor at a hungarian wedding

Planning Your Perfect Hungarian Wedding

If you’re planning your own wedding, here are some tips to help you create an unforgettable day:

  • Pick a Meaningful Location: Whether it’s a traditional church or a scenic outdoor spot, choose a place that resonates with you and your partner.
  • Embrace Traditional Attire: Wearing a traditional wedding dress can add cultural significance and beauty to your wedding.
a group of men wedding guest dancing with different accessories
  • Incorporate Unique Rituals: Choose rituals that reflect your values and relationship to make your wedding deeply personal and memorable.
  • Hire a Photographer Who Gets You: Work with a photographer who appreciates the cultural and emotional significance of your wedding, ensuring they capture every meaningful moment.

Bringing It All Together: Creating Unforgettable Memories

Weddings are all about love, tradition, and community. For those of you who approach life with deep thoughtfulness and imagination, these weddings offer a rich tapestry of meaningful moments and authentic connections. As a wedding photographer, I’m honoured to capture these beautiful stories, ensuring each couple has a collection of images that reflect the joy and romance of their special day.

Thank you for joining me on this journey through the enchanting world of weddings. Whether you’re planning your own celebration or simply appreciating the beauty of these traditions, I hope this guide has inspired you and filled your heart with the magic of love and culture.

romantic first dance with the wedding couple at a hungarian wedding
bridemaid is dancing with the bride at a hungarian wedding after the ceremony


Let me answer them!

A Hungarian wedding is a vibrant and joyous celebration filled with rich traditions and cultural customs. The ceremony often takes place in a beautiful church or an outdoor setting, followed by a lively reception. Guests can expect lots of music, dancing, and delicious Hungarian cuisine. Unique rituals, heartfelt speeches, and a strong sense of community make Hungarian weddings memorable and deeply meaningful. The celebrations usually continue late into the night, creating an atmosphere of unending joy and festivity.

When attending a Hungarian wedding, it’s important to dress appropriately while also embracing the festive spirit. Guests typically wear semi-formal to formal attire. For women, this might mean a cocktail dress or an elegant gown, and for men, a suit and tie are usually appropriate. If the invitation specifies traditional attire or if you want to honor the culture, wearing traditional Hungarian folk costumes can add a colorful and festive touch. Just remember to check with the couple to ensure it aligns with their wedding theme.

Hungarian weddings are rich with traditions that add depth and meaning to the celebration. Some notable ones include:

  • Kikérés: The groom formally asks for the bride’s hand from her parents before the ceremony.
  • Háztűznéző: A gathering where both families meet and bond before the wedding.
  • Unity Candle: The couple lights a candle together, symbolizing their union.
  • Breaking a Plate: This act is believed to bring good luck to the newlyweds.
  • Bride’s Dance: Guests pay to dance with the bride, contributing to the couple’s future.
  • Folk Dances and Music: Traditional Hungarian dances and music are integral to the celebrations, creating a lively atmosphere.

These traditions, combined with heartfelt moments and vibrant celebrations, make Hungarian weddings truly unique and unforgettable.

The money dance, also known as the bride’s dance, is a popular tradition at Hungarian weddings. During this dance, guests line up to dance with the bride (and sometimes the groom) and, in exchange, they pin money to the bride’s dress or place it in a special bag. This tradition is not only a fun way to interact with the couple but also helps the newlyweds start their married life with some extra funds. The money dance symbolizes good fortune and support from the community.

The kidnapping of the bride is a playful and light-hearted tradition in Hungarian weddings. During the reception, friends of the bride “kidnap” her and take her to a different location within the venue or nearby. The groom then has to “rescue” her by completing a task, paying a ransom, or proving his love and dedication in a fun challenge. This tradition adds an element of fun and excitement to the wedding, highlighting the groom’s commitment and love for his bride.

bridal portrait with a lace wedding dress on the back of the dress


Capture Your Perfect Hungarian Wedding?

As a photographer who loves capturing the magic of weddings, I’m here to help you preserve every beautiful moment of your special day. Let’s create timeless memories together!

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