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What should we do if given a wonderfully beautiful couple and a cosy, bohemian environment? Well..great pictures!

We made wonderful friends with Adri and Gábor, as they also experience the small stories of life just as cheerfully and happily as I do. During the entire photo shoot, I was able to get them to ignore me and only care about each other ultimately, and thus, I will be able to convey their love in the pictures perfectly. 

The most common thing that helps couples to resolve, and you can achieve that, is to capture their raw, honest and authentic moments; you can achieve it if you integrate so much that you are present as a friend and they can go so deep into their shared emotions and mood that they can completely ignore you with the camera. This often takes quite a bit, depending on how introverted a couple is. 

In the case of Adri and Gábor, it all came from the heart. They are so wonderful together that they express sincere and true feelings after a while. So, in their case, I mainly focused on the shared and honest moments for the portraits. I didn’t set them up; even if I set them up, I intended them as a starting point since the story unfolded afterwards.

To get those bohemian wedding portraits, it’s essential to have a couple who always enjoy every minute spent together. For example, I started taking separate images, which I often do, and suddenly, a greyhound dog appeared; Adri immediately noticed and asked the dog’s owner to let her appear in a picture with the dog. Or in the other case, I set them in front of a wall, and then they created stories by themselves based on their relationship.


As a documentary-style wedding photographer, I enjoyed capturing Adri and Gabor’s bohemian wedding portraits at the Castle Garden Bazaar in Budapest. The couple’s choice of a bohemian theme added a carefree and laid-back charm to their wedding day, reflected in their beautiful bohemian photos.

Adri’s bohemian wedding dress was a stunning creation, featuring intricate lace details and a flowing silhouette that perfectly captured the essence of boho chic. Gabor’s outfit was equally impressive, with a stylish combination of tailored trousers, a vest, and a crisp white shirt that complemented Adri’s dress beautifully.

We started the portrait session at the Castle Garden Bazaar, which provided a perfect backdrop for their bohemian portraits. The bazaar’s architecture and greenery offered a picturesque setting for the couple’s wedding photos, with plenty of opportunities for candid shots that captured their love and affection for each other.

Throughout the portrait session, I focused on capturing the couple’s personalities and the unique charm of their bohemian wedding. I used a documentary-style approach to photography, meaning I didn’t pose the couple or stage any shots. Instead, I observed and captured their natural interactions, which resulted in authentic and emotional photographs that perfectly captured the essence of their special day.

Overall, Adri and Gabor’s bohemian wedding portraits beautifully reflected their unique personalities and love for each other. Their choice of a bohemian theme added a carefree and laid-back vibe to their wedding day, beautifully captured in their stunning bohemian photos. Working with them as a documentary-style wedding photographer was a pleasure, and I’m thrilled that I captured their beautiful memories for them to cherish for years to come.

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