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I’m Eszter, a wedding photographer based in Bristol. It’s so wonderful to meet you here, and I’m thrilled to share what you can expect when you are working with us.

My journey into the world of weddings began not with a camera but with a deep love for storytelling. As a young girl, I was always fascinated by the power of stories to capture emotions, moments, and the essence of life.

This passion led me to explore various art forms, but photography captured my heart. The ability to freeze a moment in time, to tell a story without words, was magical to me.

Tailored to couples who cherish authenticity over posed photography. I capture the essence of your special day with a focus on candid, spontaneous moments.

For those who appreciate the finer details and artistic flair. My approach is documentary wedding photography mixed with art, capturing your day with a unique, creative perspective.

From the first consultation to the delivery of your photos, I ensure a seamless, stress-free experience. I’m dedicated to making your photography journey enjoyable and personalized.

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Spontaneous, heartfelt moments

I understand the importance of creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where you can be yourself. With me behind the lens, you won’t be burdened with the pressure of posing or staging moments. Instead, you’ll be free to live in the present, soaking in every precious second of your day, confident in the knowledge that I’m capturing every meaningful moment. I aim to provide images that remind you of how your wedding day looked and, more importantly, how it felt.

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of your wedding photos looking staged and not genuinely reflecting your special day?

The approach

On your wedding day, amidst all the chaos, candid and natural moments truly depict your love story. The adoring glances you exchange during the ceremony, the spontaneous laughter you share with friends, and the quiet emotions of your loved ones are the memories you will cherish forever. My responsibility is to capture these fleeting moments with a keen eye for authenticity, ensuring that your wedding album reflects your day in the most beautiful way possible.

I understand every couple is unique, and your wedding photos should be too. That’s why I focus on understanding your style and preferences, blending into the background to document your day as it naturally unfolds. This approach allows you to enjoy your celebration fully, without the pressure of posed photographs, while I create a beautiful, heartfelt visual narrative of your wedding. With me, you can look forward to a collection of images that are not only stunning but also deeply meaningful – an accurate representation of your love and the start of your journey together.”

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Initial Consultation and Booking

The journey begins with a personal consultation, either in person or virtually. This is where we discuss your vision, preferences, and specific needs for your wedding photography. We’ll discuss your wedding day timeline, key moments you want captured, and any special requests. Following this, we’ll go through the booking process, including contract signing and deposit payment, to secure your date.

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Pre-Wedding Planning and Engagement Session

As your wedding day approaches, we’ll have additional meetings or communications to finalize details. This is also the time for an optional engagement photo session, which is an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other better and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera. You’ll receive these photos well before the wedding, perfect for saving the dates or displaying them at your wedding.


Wedding Day Photography

On your wedding day, I’ll be there to capture every moment, from the early preparations to the final send-off. My approach is unobtrusive and discreet, focusing on candid, natural shots reflecting your day’s emotions and unique moments. I’ll blend into the background, capturing the laughter, tears, and love without interrupting your celebration.


Post-Wedding Editing and Preview

After the wedding, I’ll carefully select and professionally edit your photos. This process ensures each image reflects the beauty and emotion of your day. You’ll receive a sneak peek of some highlight images soon after the wedding to relive those moments and share with friends and family.


Delivery of Final Images and Products

Once editing is complete, you’ll receive the entire collection of your wedding photos through a private online gallery, where you can download, share, and order prints. Suppose you’ve chosen a package that includes a wedding album or other physical products. In that case, we’ll start the design process, and you’ll have the opportunity to review and approve everything before it goes to print.

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Follow-Up and Future Sessions

The relationship doesn’t end after the wedding. I’ll follow up to ensure you’re delighted with your photos and products. Additionally, I’m available for future photography needs, whether it’s an anniversary shoot, family portraits, or any other milestones you wish to capture.

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engagement photo session in the sunset with silhouette of the couple

Engagement session

As your photographer, I’m excited to offer an engagement session that’s much more than a photo shoot. It’s a chance for us to connect and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera, all while capturing the unique essence of your relationship in a setting that’s meaningful to you. This session is a beautiful way to celebrate your engagement and create lasting memories, which can be used for everything from save-the-dates to a special touch in your wedding decor. Let’s make it a fun, relaxed experience reflecting your personal story!

Wedding photography

I’m thrilled to offer you a bespoke wedding photography experience to capture every precious moment of your special day. From the early morning excitement to the joyous evening celebrations, my approach is to blend in seamlessly, documenting your love story with a mix of candid moments and beautifully composed portraits.

My goal is to provide you with a stunning visual narrative that reflects the emotions and details of your day and becomes a timeless treasure, evoking memories and feelings for years to come. Let’s create a collection of images you’ll cherish forever, capturing the essence of your unique celebration.

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