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Dive into a photography experience that blends genuine, candid moments with a unique artistic touch. With Emerald Photo UK, based in Bristol, relive your special moments through a narrative as authentic as visually stunning—unposed, Relaxed, candid moments to tell a true story of your most important memories.

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engagement colourful photo session in Croatia by Emerald Photo UK

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As a female wedding photographer, I have captured countless unforgettable moments in one of the UK’s most picturesque counties. With its sprawling countryside, historic venues, and breathtaking landscapes, Somerset provides the perfect backdrop for any wedding. Being a photographer is not just about taking photos; it’s about storytelling, creating a narrative that each couple can reflect on and relive the most special day of their lives.

Having focused on featured weddings throughout my career, I’ve come to appreciate the unique charm that Somerset brings to each event. From the rustic elegance of barn weddings to the grandeur of castle ceremonies, the diversity of venues in Somerset allows for a wide range of photographic opportunities. As a wedding photographer in this stunning region, I strive to capture the essence of each location, ensuring that the setting contributes to the day’s story as much as the moments shared between the couple and their loved ones.

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a Somerset wedding photographer is the chance to work with couples who share a deep connection and the landscape of Somerset itself. Whether it’s a local couple who grew up in the area or those who have chosen Somerset for its natural beauty and tranquil setting, it’s always a pleasure to translate their love stories into images that will last a lifetime. My approach to photography is personal and bespoke, focusing on the subtle, candid moments that often go unnoticed yet, together, weave the fabric of the day’s narrative.

As a woman in the wedding photography field, I bring a unique perspective to my work. I often focus on the emotional nuances and details that truly capture the spirit of the wedding. Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to develop my craft, connect with amazing people, and tell their stories through my lens. Each wedding is a new adventure, a chance to explore the beauty of Somerset while creating timeless memories for my couples.

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Unique wedding photos for relaxed couples who value authenticity and artistry in their wedding memories.

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The approach is simple yet profound: I aim to understand your unique vision and style, infusing the expertise to create images that resonate with authenticity and emotion. Whether it’s a grand affair or an intimate gathering, I’m committed to delivering an unparalleled photography experience that exceeds your expectations. So, before you delve into the intricacies of working together, take a moment to discover the journey that awaits you as we embark on this unforgettable adventure of capturing the magic of your love story.

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bridal portrait outdoors on an elopement engagement photoshoot


Elopement photography is a deeply intimate and unique service that I specialize in. I capture the essence of each couple’s love story as they embark on their journey together in a more private, meaningful ceremony. With years of experience, I bring expertise and passion to every elopement, ensuring that every moment, from the whispers to the joyous celebrations, is immortalized.


My wedding photography service captures the heart and soul of your special day with a blend of timeless elegance and modern flair.

With years of experience, I specialize in immortalizing the essence of your celebration, focusing on genuine moments and emotions. My approach is personal and tailored, ensuring your love story is told in a way that’s uniquely yours.

Couples choose me for my dedication to crafting images that are beautiful and meaningful, making your wedding memories last a lifetime.

wedding photography
engagement photo session in the sunset with silhouette of the couple


It is a personalized and creative way to capture the exciting journey towards marriage. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, I focus on creating images that celebrate the unique bond between each couple.

My style combines the magic of your love story with the beauty of the surroundings, resulting in intimate and breathtaking photographs.

Couples appreciate my ability to make them feel at ease, allowing their genuine personalities and emotions to shine. Choosing me means opting for a photographer who values your vision and seeks to immortalize the promise of your future together in the most beautiful and heartfelt way.


rustic barn wedding
Rustic barn wedding

Rustic barn wedding Wedding Photography Rustic barn wedding Kata & Ricsi, July 20, 2019 Kata and Ricsi are an extraordinary couple. They have not just a unique style; they are a great couple. They are relaxed and receptive, and they enjoy every minute of life. They also chose a unique rustic barn wedding venue for…

afghan wedding
Afghan wedding

Afghan wedding Wedding Photography AFGHAN WEDDING Location: Öbölház, Kopaszi-gát A Day to Remember… Ilo & Krisztián, July 21, 2017 The different traditions are always entirely enchanting. Ilo and Krisztián’s special Afghan-Hungarian wedding is a perfect example. The two almost entirely different ceremonial celebrations are stunning. During the traditional Hungarian ceremony, the alternative of lighting candles, the…

bristol wedding
Bristol wedding

Bristol wedding Wedding Photography BRISTOL WEDDING Location: Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel and Radnor Rooms Erin & Robin, July 22, 2023 In the heart of lively Bristol, where old-school charm meets the buzz of the present, the Radnor Rooms sat like that relaxed, vintage cafe everyone loves. With its brick walls and cosy corners, it had seen…

church wedding
Church Wedding

Church Wedding Wedding Photography Church Wedding Working together in a natural setting with a beautiful couple is always a great way to create good images. It was no difference in the case of Xeni and Misi. The magnificent view from the top of the hill and the great atmosphere of the guests naturally further helped…

dream wedding
Dream wedding

Dream wedding Wedding Photography DREAM WEDDING IN BUDAPEST Location: Budapest Castle Bazaar & The Royal Gardens Ági & Matyi, Sept 4, 2016 Adri and Gábor’s wedding was love from the first moment I met them and started talking about the details. Not only because they looked amazing together and radiated joy from their faces every minute, but…

Hungarian wedding

Hungarian wedding Wedding Photography Welcome! Hey there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet, where I get to share the magic of Hungarian wedding traditions with you. As a photographer, I’ve had the joy of capturing these incredible celebrations, and I’m here to give you a peek into the traditions, food, dancing, and all…

elegant wedding
Elegant Wedding

Elegant wedding Wedding Photography Hello there! If you’re weaving the dream of a wedding that not only celebrates love but also mirrors the depth of your inner world, you’ve landed in the right place. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the honour of capturing the essence of every couple’s special day, but there’s something uniquely…

luxury wedding
Luxury wedding

Luxury wedding Wedding Photography LUXURY WEDDING Dóri & Viktor, May 24, 2019 Dóri and Viktor chose a waterfront venue for their wedding day. The guests were thrilled to party, so we can almost say that it was easy for me to take pictures with such a fantastic couple in this environment. I just had to live…

natural wedding photography
Natural wedding photography

Natural wedding photography Wedding Photography Natural wedding photography Pati & Gábor, August 18, 2019 It is a truly unique wedding venue with a great couple. Traditional Hungarian wedding moments included the throwing of money or the bridal dance. This is how I could characterise Pati and Gábor’s wedding. The atmosphere was unforgettable, with lots of…

winery wedding
Winery wedding

Winery wedding Wedding Photography Winery wedding Dóri & Viktor, June 16, 2018 I found friends almost immediately in the person of Dóri and Viktor. Their joy of life and love radiates and spreads everything among all who meet them for the first time. I loved running around the vineyards with this fantastic couple. They didn’t…

outdoor wedding
Outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding Wedding Photography Outdoor wedding Niki and Ricsi are an incredible couple. During our conversations, I felt that their wedding would also have their personality’s unique atmosphere and clownishness. The bride was getting ready with the bridesmaids, and the champagne created a good atmosphere right from the start. Since Niki and Ricsi are huge Marvel…

rain on wedding day
Rain on wedding day

Rain on wedding day Wedding Photography RAIN ON WEDDING DAY Yvett & Ádám, August 2, 2019 I don’t know what to write here. Adam and Yvett are not only excellent chefs and confectioner couples; their personalities and trust in each other are invaluable. They radiate the love that everyone desires. I wish you many more…

rainy wedding photos
Rainy wedding photos

Rainy wedding photos Wedding Photography Rainy wedding photos WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE RAIN A rainy day really shouldn’t be a problem at a wedding. Of course, it is not ideal when it is raining because usually, the mood is a bit off since the conditions are not as suitable as on a sunny summer day….

tattooed brides wedding portrait
Tattooed brides

Tattooed brides Wedding Photography Tattooed brides Kata and Ricsi, the most badass tattooed brides and grooms you’ll ever meet, took their wedding portrait session to a new level. They chose an abandoned factory as the backdrop, embracing their edgy style. No picturesque gardens or fancy venues for these rebellious tattooed brides and grooms! Against the…

vineyard wedding portrait
Vineyard wedding

Vineyard wedding Wedding Photography Vineyard wedding VINEYARD WEDDING PORTRAITS Vineyard wedding pictures with a fantastic couple. These locations are also interesting because you can usually include environmental elements when taking photos. We can use them as a starting point since a vineyard is considered a truly unique and special location. However, we must pay closer attention…

wedding photos with vintage cars
Wedding photos with vintage cars

Wedding photos with vintage cars Wedding Photography Wedding photos with vintage cars Pati and Gábor’s personalities and radiance are simply unique. You can see their love for each other in every move, touch, and glance captured in their stunning wedding photos with vintage cars. Their wedding was planned for an exceptional location that perfectly complemented…

Castle Garden Bazaar
Castle Garden Bazaar

Castle Garden Bazaar Wedding Photography CASTLE GARDEN BAZAAR WEDDING PORTRAITS WEDDING PHOTO IDEAS What should we do if given a wonderfully beautiful couple and a cosy, bohemian environment? Well..great pictures! We made wonderful friends with Adri and Gábor, as they also experience the small stories of life just as cheerfully and happily as I do….

lakeside weddings
Lakeside weddings

Lakeside weddings Wedding Photography Lakeside weddings These wedding venues are perfect if you’re looking for a beautiful and serene location to tie the knot. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by tranquil waters, lush greenery, and stunning natural scenery. It’s a truly romantic and unforgettable experience. All these beautiful surroundings provide a perfect opportunity to take your wedding portraits….

bride and groom pictures
Bride and groom pictures

Bride and groom pictures Wedding Photography BRIDE AND GROOM PICTURES As a professional wedding photographer, I understand the importance of capturing raw and candid moments of your special day. In my work, these have always been the most critical wedding moments. The small details and elements make weddings and, therefore, a wedding portrait session genuinely unique….

Castle Wedding

Castle Wedding Wedding Photography Exclusive Guide to Planning Your Dream Castle Wedding Hey there! As a photographer, I’ve had the chance to capture some truly magical moments at castle weddings and let me tell you, there’s nothing quite like it. If you’re someone who cherishes deep connections, values authenticity and has a romantic heart, a…

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Blue Hour Wedding Photos: The Ultimate Guide for Magic Shots

Blue hour wedding photos Wedding Photography Blue hour wedding photos As a wedding photographer, there is something truly magical about capturing blue-hour wedding photos. It is a time when the light transforms, creating a soft, dreamy ambience that adds an ethereal touch to the couple’s special day. One of my most memorable experiences was photographing Ilo…

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