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Today, albums of almost everything are on the market, with different orientations, styles and materials. Of course, as with any product, everyone is looking for the right option that fits their style and is the best value for money. That is why I tried to put together a guide that can help you find the best possible album for you, in which you will be happy to place the most important memories from your wedding day or any other special occasion. 

To find the perfect album for you, I have created an ultimate guide to help you keep your most important captured memories with you or your loved ones in the possible personal form. So don’t stop reading; keep moving!

Why is a wedding photo album important?

Each age has its specific style and characteristics, which makes it truly special and unique. Whose parents have not shown wedding or children’s albums or even a travel report from a vacation when they were a child? They contain the past, the valid hidden values of a family. 

And, of course, the viewer can find stories, feelings, and moments in these objects, which can remarkably show a family’s life story. We keep the most important memories for us in these family photo albums, which we would later like to show to the most essential and unique people so they can also get to know our stories.

telling stories with a holding photo book

How to categorize them?

To this day, you can still find the kind of adhesive photo albums in which physically printed pasted photo prints one by one, but these are now more popular than fully printed photo books. As I already mentioned, they are available in different sizes, orientations, and materials, and we can also decide the number of pages. Of course, all parameters of this can change, and we plan practically everything to determine what we want to see as the final product. The main categories to find the perfect match for your album are:

  1. Sizes
  2. Orientation
  3. Materials


The following table shows the standard album sizes. Of course, in addition to this, printers can provide any size of the album pages. However, if we have particular needs, it is worth looking for a bookbinder and a printer. You should consider a few things when choosing an album for its orientation. For example, it is worthwhile to broadly observe the layout of the selected images and decide on the album’s structure. 

standard photo album sizes

In addition, you should consider other factors when choosing the size of a photo album.

These are:

  1. How many photos would you like to include in the album?
  2. Would you like to have text or captions?
  3. What are the sizes of the pictures?


Whether a physical or digital copy, it’s one of the most important first steps. To find the correct presentation of our pictures, we first have to select the images that are dearest to us and put them aside in a collection. When we have selected all these, we can examine the pictures more closely to help us choose the proper orientation.

It is important to note that landscape corresponds to a horizontal layout and portrait to a vertical format. Of course, the square design we can interpret as a square form. 

Each orientation has its pros and cons, and when professionals recommend and in what cases it is not. So, let’s take these in order now.

maternity photos in a photo book
family photo album with candid moments

Horizontal / Landscape format

Horizontal is the most impressive one. In this case, the width of the album is greater than the height. With an image with a horizontal layout, we can capture more objects and all of them from a wider angle of view. 

It can also be adapted entirely to create a photo album. Landscape photo albums are more practical; we can place several components (even pictures) in a horizontally arranged photo album without feeling overcrowded. The horizontal orientation is also constructive in that we can show a broader range of the environment of the photographed object or person, which plays a significant role in telling the whole story.

Most often, we use this kind of orientation. If we place several pictures horizontally, our eyes will automatically start reading the information from left to right and will not cause any confusion. You can use a landscape image on one page for a significant visual effect. On the other page, you can place other photos that support it.

Vertical / Portrait format

The vertical layout can cause problems countless times. 


Because they often look like a yearbook if we need to be more careful about how we edit them. If you choose this type of arrangement, make sure to place an appropriate number of pages, and make sure that you do not just line up the images within the pages but often use overlaps to make the pictures much more accessible. We should also pay attention not to choosing small sizes for the albums with a vertical layout but in large sizes; they can even create a “fine art” book effect.

This arrangement can also be problematic since it is generally almost impossible to place only portrait pictures in an album since the beloved images are probably a mixture of portrait and landscape pictures. After all, as I already mentioned with the other one, how significant an effect it has if we place a piece of a horizontal image on a page, in this case, it is simply impossible. It is also because if you put a single landscape image on a page with a vertical layout, you get a vast void with a destructive rather than a constructive effect.

This arrangement is not accessible from the point of view of reading the story either, since the reading is done from top to bottom and then from top to bottom again on the other page, so we have to pay close attention to what image layout we use on which part of the page.

leather photo books
wedding photo album outside
photo album portrait

Square format

These were the most popular in the past, as most albums with slide-in images were made this way. But it is still a prevalent orientation, especially in wedding and family photo albums. The most practical thing about these albums is that professionals can easily resize them anytime. If we have a large square photo album, we can have the same album done in a smaller size at any time.

Square orientation is the most affordable in terms of scaling. Two landscape pictures fit perfectly under each other, so we can still take advantage of the effect of a strong landscape picture. However, this also creates a problem with the arrangement that if you try to place a piece of portrait or landscape image on a single page, you must forcefully cut out the image. There is also a problem when you try to insert four landscape or four portrait images on one page, as there is a strip on both sides, which does not create a lovely appearance.


We could, of course, break down all of this into the interior and exterior of the album. So let’s see what different materials we can find on the market!

The market has roughly as many paper types as companies making photo albums. I have collected my top 5 favourite companies or businesses that make photo books, and I have also collected who offers which photo paper or what kind of material for the outside of the photo album.

So here is the list:

Top 5 photo album providers in the UK

1. Snapfish

Book cover types:

  • Hardcover
  • Matte
  • Leather
  • Linen
  • Softcover
  • Paper

Paper Finish Types:

  • Layflat
  • Metallic
  • Glossy
  • Satin
photo album with hands
wedding photo album


Book cover types:

  • Hardcover
  • Softcover
  • Booklet
  • Leather
  • Linen

Paper Finish Types:

  • Classic Paper
  • High Gloss Paper
  • True Matte Paper
  • Satin Paper
  • Classic Photographic Paper
  • Gloss Photographic Paper
  • Matte Photographic Paper

3. Mixbook

Book cover types:

  • Softcover
  • Hardcover Glossy
  • Hardcover Soft Touch Matte

Paper Finish Types:

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Premium Matte Lay Flat
baby family photo album

4. Blurb

Book cover types:

  • Hardcover
  • Softcover

Paper Finish Types:

  • Mohawk ProPhoto
  • Mohawk Superfine Eggshell
  • Premium Lustre
  • Premium Matte
  • Standard

5. Milkbooks

Book cover types:

  • Linen
  • Softcover
  • Leather
  • Premium Coated Cloth
  • Vegan Leather

Paper Finish Types:

  • Semi-Gloss
  • Satin
  • Lustre
  • Matt Ivory
  • Matt White
  • Textured
photo album with flower background

Regardless of the type, style, shape, or material of the album you choose, be sure to pay attention to the fact that professionals can often really help you. Ask for the help of someone who knows what to put where and what effect it will have in telling the story since you are not creating all this for yourself but for the people who are important to you, with whom you want to share your experiences and stories.

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Your wedding day is a story filled with beautiful moments, and what better way to preserve these memories than in a stunning, personalized wedding album?

At Emerald Photo UK, your wedding photos deserve more than digital space – they should be celebrated and cherished in a beautifully crafted album. We’re here to bring your vision to life if you’re excited about creating a tangible keepsake of your special day.

We offer a variety of album styles and customizations. Book a call with us here to explore your options and find the perfect fit for your wedding story.

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