Top 13 wedding dress shops in Bristol

Top 13 wedding dress shops in bristol

As a wedding photographer, I’ve captured countless brides in their most radiant moments. The glint in their eyes, the joyous tears, the nervous giggles, and the breathtaking gowns that transform them into ethereal beings. Every bride is unique, and so is her choice of wedding attire. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the magic the suitable bridal gown can bring to a bride’s special day. And where do these stunning designer wedding dresses come from? The enchanting local wedding dress shops in Bristol and Somerset.

With its rich history and vibrant culture, Bristol is home to some of the finest bridal boutiques in the UK. Bristol’s bridal scene is a treasure trove, from vintage lace to modern silhouettes, from bespoke designs to off-the-rack wonders. Whether you’re a bride-to-be searching for that dream dress or simply a lover of all things bridal, join me as I unveil the top 15 wedding dress shops that have left an indelible mark on my photographic journey.

bride is trying on wedding dress in a bridal shop in Bristol

The Timeless Elegance of Bristol's Bridal Boutiques

  1. The Mews Bridal
Address: 21 The Mall, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4JG
Hours: Open Monday-Saturday
Phone: 0117 973 8784

Nestled in the picturesque lanes of Clifton, this boutique exudes an aura of timeless elegance, and it reflects beautifully in every photograph.

The Mews Bridal is not just a bridal shop; it’s a haven of French bridal couture. The gowns, intricate detailing and ethereal designs are a dream to photograph. The delicate lace, the flow of the fabric, and the unique silhouettes ensure that every bride stands out, making my job as a photographer both exciting and rewarding.

What truly sets The Mews Bridal apart is the story each dress tells. As a photographer, I aim to narrate the tale of love, joy, and dreams through my lens. And when a bride dons a gown from The Mews, the story becomes all the more captivating. The soft glimmers of the dress, the way it hugs the bride, and the confidence it instils are palpable in every shot.

Over the years, I’ve realised that while every bride is the star of her wedding, the dress plays a pivotal role in shaping her most cherished memories. And for brides who’ve chosen The Mews Bridal, those memories are nothing short of magical.


2. Clifton Brides

Address: 186 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2XU
Hours: Open Monday- Saturday
Phone: 0117 923 7928

In the world of wedding photography, every detail matters, from the subtle glances exchanged between the couple to the intricate patterns on a bride’s gown. When it comes to capturing brides in their full glory, Clifton Brides in Bristol has always been a name that resonates with elegance and sophistication.

Situated in the heart of Bristol, Clifton Brides has been a beacon of bridal excellence for decades. As a wedding photographer, I’ve worked with numerous brides who’ve chosen their dream dresses from this iconic boutique. With meticulous craftsmanship and timeless design, each gown offers a unique narrative waiting to be captured through the lens.

Photographing a Clifton bride’s gown is akin to capturing a piece of art. The dresses, with their blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair, provide a rich tapestry of textures and shades. The cascading fabrics, the shimmering embellishments, and the graceful silhouettes ensure that every photograph tells a story of romance and dreams.

But beyond the dresses, the confidence and poise that Clifton Brides instils in its brides truly stands out. As they walk down the aisle, there’s a distinct aura of regality, making every camera click a moment frozen in time. In my years behind the lens, I’ve come to appreciate the transformative power of the perfect gown, and Clifton Brides consistently delivers on that promise.

Clifton Brides wedding dress shops in Bristol

3. Lace & Grace Bridal Boutique

Address: 7 Market Walk, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1FS
Hours: Closed on Tuesday and Sunday
Phone: 0117 986 8911

Lace & Grace Bridal Boutique emerges as a beacon of elegance and individuality in the captivating world of bridal photography. Nestled in Keynsham, this boutique is a harmonious blend of vintage allure and contemporary sophistication. As a wedding photographer, the intricate lacework, diverse silhouettes, and the boutique’s commitment to celebrating each bride’s unique essence make every photo session a journey of discovery and artistry.

Beyond the exquisite gowns, the emotions Lace & Grace evokes genuinely resonate. The joyous moments when a bride finds her dream dress, the delicate play of light on the fabrics, and the stories each gown tells make my photographs come alive. With every click, I aim to capture a dress, a memory, a dream, and the timeless charm that Lace & Grace embodies.

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4. Bride at Home

Address: 4, The Willow Shopping Centre, Downend Rd, Bristol BS16 5UJ
Hours: Open Monday- Saturday
Phone: 0117 956 8068

Bride at Home in Bristol stands out as a unique gem in the vast tapestry of bridal boutiques. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless brides, but those adorned in gowns from Bride at Home always exude a distinct aura of comfort and confidence. The boutique’s name encapsulates its ethos – making every bride feel at home, cherished, and understood.

Set in a serene environment, Bride at Home offers more than just dresses; it provides an experience. The intimate setting, personalized consultations, and the warmth of the staff ensure that every bride’s journey to finding her dream dress is as memorable as the wedding itself. Through my lens, I’ve observed the transformative power of this boutique. Brides emerge with a gown and a glow – a blend of excitement, comfort, and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Photographing a Bride at Home bride is a delight. The gowns, with their intricate detailing and diverse styles, offer a rich palette to work with. But more than that, the stories behind each choice, the laughter shared during fittings, and the tears of joy make every photograph unique. In the world of wedding photography, it’s not just about capturing images but emotions, and Bride at Home, Bristol, consistently provides a backdrop of genuine, heartfelt moments.

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5. Rookery Bridal

Address: The Stables Business Park, The Hayloft, Rooks Bridge BS26 2TT
Hours: Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Phone: 01934 751111

In the vibrant bridal landscape of Bristol, Rookery Bridal emerges as a sanctuary of elegance and bespoke beauty. As a wedding photographer, I’ve been fortunate to capture the radiance of many brides, but those adorned in gowns from Rookery Bridal possess a unique blend of grace and confidence. With its curated selection of designer dresses, the boutique consistently showcases the epitome of bridal sophistication.

Photographing a Rookery Bridal Bride is akin to capturing art in motion. With their meticulous craftsmanship, the gowns play with light and shadow in ways that are a photographer’s dream. But beyond aesthetics, the boutique’s commitment to a personalized bridal experience stands out. Each fitting at Rookery Bridal is a journey of discovery, culminating in that magical moment when a bride finds her perfect match. Through my lens, I aim to immortalize that joy, the shimmer of the gown, and the essence of a bride’s dreams coming to life.

The Timeless Elegance of Bristol's Bridal Boutiques

6. Abigail Westrup Bridal

Address: 8 High Street, Portishead, Bristol BS20 6EW
Hours: Closed on Sundays
Phone: 01275 814444

Abigail Westrup Bridal in Bristol is more than just a bridal boutique; it’s a canvas of dreams, individuality, and artisanal craftsmanship. As a wedding photographer, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of a wedding gown, and dresses from Abigail Westrup consistently stand out as masterpieces of bespoke design. The boutique’s dedication to crafting one-of-a-kind dresses ensures that every bride looks and feels genuinely unique on her special day.

Photographing an Abigail Westrup bride is an experience in capturing authenticity. With their intricate detailing and tailored silhouettes, the gowns tell stories of personal journeys, aspirations, and love. Each dress is a testament to the boutique’s commitment to celebrating individuality, and this shines through in every photograph. The genuine emotions, the play of fabric against light, and the bride’s radiant confidence make every shot a cherished memory, embodying the essence of Abigail Westrup Bridal’s unparalleled artistry.

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7. The White Collection Bridal

Address: 6-8 High St, Portishead, Bristol BS20 6EW
Hours: Closed on Sundays and Tuesdays
Phone: 01275876056

The White Collection stands as a beacon of luxury and timeless elegance in the bridal world of Bristol. As a wedding photographer, I’m reminded of the ethereal beauty and sophistication they consistently deliver whenever I have the privilege to capture a bride adorned in a gown from this boutique. The boutique’s curated selection of designer dresses, each with unique charm, offers a harmonious blend of classic allure and contemporary grace.

Photographing a bride from The White Collection resembles capturing poetry in motion. With their impeccable detailing and fluid silhouettes, the gowns interact with light in a dance that’s a dream for any photographer. Beyond the visual splendour, the aura of confidence and regality that these dresses bestow upon their wearers truly stands out. Each photograph becomes a testament to the boutique’s commitment to excellence, encapsulating the magic and dreams that The White Collection promises and delivers.

The white collection bridal shop from outside with pink flowers and a pink bicycle
white collection bridal shop in Bristol indoors with beautiful modern and pink furniture

Personalized Bridal Experiences: What Sets Bristol's Boutiques Apart

8. Perfect Day Bride

Address: 45 Walcot Street, Bath, BA1 5BN
Hours: Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Phone: 01225 309309

In the ever-evolving tapestry of Bristol’s bridal scene, Perfect Day Bride emerges as a luminous star, consistently illuminating the path to bridal excellence. As a wedding photographer, I’ve been able to capture myriad brides. Still, those who step out in gowns from Perfect Day Bride carry an unmistakable aura of refined elegance and self-assuredness. With its meticulously curated collection, the boutique is a testament to the art of marrying timeless tradition with contemporary flair.

Photographing a Perfect Day Bride is a journey into the heart of bespoke luxury. With their intricate detailing and masterful craftsmanship, the gowns are a visual delight, offering many opportunities to play with light, shadow, and texture. But beyond the tangible, the intangible emotions – the gleam of anticipation, the soft sighs of contentment, and the radiant smiles – make every photograph a cherished memory. Each image reflects the boutique’s commitment to ensuring every bride’s day is perfect.

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Perfect Day Bride wedding dress shops in Bristol

9. WED2B Bristol

Address: Union Gallery, The Gallery the Galleries Shopping Centre, Unit G8, Broadmead, Bristol BS1 3XD
Hours: Open every day 
Phone: 0117 370 6267

Wed2B Bristol is a beacon for brides-to-be, offering a harmonious blend of accessibility, variety, and style. As a wedding photographer, I’ve had the pleasure of capturing countless brides on their special day, and those who’ve chosen their gowns from Wed2B always exude a unique blend of confidence and grace. The store’s vast collection ensures that every bride, regardless of style or budget, finds a dress that resonates with her vision.

Photographing a Wed2B bride is a delightful experience. The gowns, with diverse designs ranging from classic lace to contemporary silhouettes, offer a rich palette of opportunities to capture stunning visuals. The play of light on the fabrics, the flow of the gowns, and the intricate details all come together to create photographs that are both timeless and evocative. Each dress tells a story, and through my lens, I aim to narrate that tale of dreams, love, and joyous anticipation.

Beyond the aesthetics, what truly stands out about Wed2B Bristol is its commitment to making bridal shopping an inclusive and memorable experience. The store’s ambience, combined with the warmth and expertise of the staff, ensures that every bride’s journey to finding her dream dress is filled with moments of discovery, excitement, and fulfilment. In my photographs, I strive to capture the gown’s beauty and the emotions and memories of the Wed2B experience.

WED2BE bridal shop showroom in Bristol

9. Karen Reilly

Address: 16 Christmas Steps, Bristol BS1 5BS
Hours: Sundays and Mondays closed
Phone: 0117 929 2614

In the heart of Bristol’s bustling bridal scene, Karen Reilly’s boutique is a testament to elegance, passion, and a deep understanding of a bride’s dream. As the owner of one of the city’s most sought-after bridal shops, Karen has curated a space that is more than just a store – it’s a haven for brides-to-be. With an impeccable eye for style and a warm, welcoming demeanour, Karen ensures that every bride’s journey to find the perfect gown is memorable and magical.

Karen’s boutique is a reflection of her personal touch and dedication. Handpicked by Karen, each gown speaks of timeless elegance, contemporary flair, and intricate craftsmanship. But beyond the dresses, the experience sets her boutique apart. Karen believes in the power of personal connections, taking the time to understand each bride’s vision, offering expert advice, and ensuring that every fitting feels like a celebration. Her commitment to excellence and genuine love for her craft has solidified her reputation as one of Bristol’s bridal luminaries.

Karen Reilly's wedding dress maker shop in Bristol

10. Rose Savage – Bridal Atelier

Address: 81-83 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3RD
Hours: Saturdays and Sundays closed
Phone: 07708 490716

In Bristol’s vibrant ‘Bohemian’ quarter, amidst trendy coffee bars and chic restaurants, lies Rose Savage Bridal Atelier – a sanctuary for the excellent, creative, and style-conscious brides. With a decade of experience in design and couture dressmaking, Rose Savage has carved a niche as an alternative bridal brand, emphasising exquisite fabrics, unconventional designs, and an impeccable finish. Every gown that emerges from this atelier is a testament to the brand’s commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and a vision beyond the ordinary.

At the heart of Rose Savage is a philosophy that intertwines the dress’s aesthetics with the bride’s emotions. Whether it’s a bespoke creation from scratch or a meticulous alteration to an existing gown, the focus is always on how the bride wants to look and, more importantly, how she wants to feel. The studio exudes a magic aura, with its light-filled interiors promising a transformative experience for every bride. Testimonials from satisfied brides further underscore the brand’s dedication, with many lauding the beauty of their dresses and the attentive and personalised service they received. In the bridal fashion world, Rose Savage stands as a beacon of individuality and unparalleled artistry.

11. Waxflower Bridal

Address: 18, Clifton Arcade, Boyce’s Ave, Clifton, Bristol BS8 4AA
Hours: Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays closed
Phone: 07931 851044

Nestled in the picturesque Clifton Village of Bristol, Waxflower Bridal is a beacon of luxury British bridal fashion. With its chic and contemporary ambience, the boutique offers brides a curated collection of gowns from renowned designers such as Halfpenny London, Jenny Packham, Bon Bridé, Suzanne Neville, Bowen Dryden, and La Poésie. Beyond the traditional, Waxflower Bridal also showcases the dress-less bridal collection from House of Ollichon, making it a must-visit destination for modern brides across the South West and beyond.

The heart and soul of Waxflower Bridal is its founder, Kathy. Her passion for providing brides with a premium boutique experience and a sense of fun and personal touch is evident in every corner of the store. From pink velvet sofas to contemporary fittings, the boutique exudes warmth and style. Kathy’s expertise ensures that brides find their dream gown and discover hidden gems like fashion-forward bridal patches and bespoke bridal slogan t-shirts and jumpers by King Sophie’s World, exclusively available to Waxflower brides. The boutique’s commitment to offering a unique and memorable experience has garnered glowing reviews from brides and their families, making Waxflower Bridal a cherished part of their wedding journey.

Waxflower bridal shop in Bristol outside view
Waxflower authentic bridal shop with a mannequin at the showroom
Address: 13 The Clifton Arcade, Boyce’s Ave, Bristol BS8 4AA
Hours: Mondays closed
Phone: 07919 387780

Hermione Harbutt is a distinguished name in the world of bridal accessory design, renowned for her signature style that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with contemporary flair. Nestled in the heart of Bristol and with an additional presence in London, Hermione Harbutt’s showrooms are a treasure trove of intricate headpieces, crowns, millinery, race wear, and jewellery. Each piece, meticulously crafted, speaks volumes of her decade-long experience in design and couture dressmaking.

Hermione’s creations are not just accessories; they are heirlooms designed to be cherished and passed down through generations. Recognised and endorsed by some of the most prestigious international designers, her pieces have won numerous awards and are coveted by brides and the fashion elite. Beyond her undeniable talent, Hermione’s warmth and personal approach endear her to clients. Whether browsing her online collection or stepping into her beautifully curated showrooms, you’re not just finding an accessory but becoming a part of the Hermione Harbutt story, a narrative of elegance, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

beautiful bridal shop in Bristol covered with white flower
Hermione Harbutt's bridal shop accessories in her shop in Bristol
Hermione Harbutt couture accessories for brides company sign outside of the bridal shop

13. Sarah Shepherd Dressmaker

Address: 14 Allison Ave, Brislington, Bristol BS4 4PE
Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays opened
Phone: 07796 695110

Sarah Shepherd is more than just a dressmaker; she is a master craftsman who breathes life into the fabric, turning it into exquisite works of art that adorn brides on their most important day. With a career spanning over two decades, Sarah has established herself as a renowned and highly sought-after dressmaker in the bridal fashion world.

Her unwavering commitment to creating unique and personalised bridal gowns sets Sarah apart. Each dress she crafts is a testament to her attention to detail, creativity, and dedication. From the initial consultation to the final fitting, Sarah works closely with her clients to understand their dreams and desires, ensuring that every dress she designs reflects the individuality and personality of the bride.

Sarah’s passion for her craft extends beyond the mere creation of garments. She understands the profound emotional significance of a wedding dress and its role in a bride’s journey. Her ability to connect with her clients personally, empathise with their visions, and turn those visions into reality makes her a beloved figure in the bridal industry.

In a world where mass-produced fashion often takes centre stage, Sarah Shepherd remains a steadfast advocate for bespoke dressmaking. Her dedication to her craft, commitment to bringing dreams to life, and ability to make brides feel truly special on their wedding day have earned her a well-deserved reputation as a dressmaker of exceptional talent and integrity.

Ready to Turn Your Wedding Dreams into Reality?

You’ve just discovered Bristol’s top 13 wedding dress shops, and your bridal journey is about to take flight. But remember, your dream dress is just the beginning of a magical wedding experience. As a seasoned wedding photographer, I’m here to capture every joy-filled moment, every tear of happiness, and every beautiful detail of your big day.

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