Capturing Paws and Love:
How to Prepare Wedding Photos with Your Pet


bride with a greyhound dog at their wedding portrait session
A wedding guest is holding her dog in her hands on a wedding party.

Hello, lovely couples!

As you weave together the unique elements of your special day, the thought of including your beloved pet in your wedding photos is not only charming but deeply meaningful.

For those of us with an intuitive and creative spirit, our pets are more than companions—they are a fundamental part of our lives and joy. Including them in your wedding, especially at a wedding with the dog, transforms your celebration into a fuller expression of your family’s love.

As a wedding photographer who cherishes capturing these deep connections, I’m excited to share insights on seamlessly incorporating your cherished companion into your wedding photos. Let’s ensure every snapshot reflects your union’s love, creativity, and thoughtfulness.

Essential Tips for Including Your Dog in Your Wedding Photos

Integrating your pet, especially if planning a wedding with the dog, requires thoughtful preparation to ensure the day is enjoyable for everyone involved. Here are proven tips to make your photo shoot with pets memorable and stress-free:

  • Familiarize Your Pet with the Environment: Bring your dog to the venue before the big day to familiarize them with the new surroundings. This helps minimize their anxiety amidst the wedding day excitement.
  • Conduct a Trial Run: A pre-wedding dog photo shoot can be a fantastic way to help your dog get used to being a star. It also allows us to find the best approaches to make them shine in your wedding photos with dogs.
a dog is lying in the sand at a wedding with floral leash
Wedding Couple Standing with Their Pet Dogs wearing bow tie
Newlywed Couple Posing with Their Pet Dog
  • Thoughtful Accessories: For your dog in wedding photos, simple yet comfortable accessories like a floral leash or a bow tie can add a festive touch without overwhelming them.
  • Keep Treats Handy: During the photoshoot with pets, treats can be invaluable for keeping your dog engaged and behaving as desired. They also serve as a small comfort amidst the busyness of the day.
  • Designate a Pet Handler: Choose someone your dog trusts to look after them during the wedding. This ensures they are always cared for and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your festivities.

Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Pet-Friendly Wedding

Capturing a wedding with a dog requires a photographer who is not just technically proficient but also genuinely understanding of animals. Here’s how to ensure you find the right match:

  • Experience Matters: An experienced photographer in wedding photos with a dog will be better equipped to capture the spirit of your pet and handle the nuances of a photoshoot with pets.
  • Portfolio Review: A good portfolio should include various photoshoot ideas for dogs and show the photographer’s ability to integrate pets into significant events like weddings.
dressed up dog with a bride at a wedding portrait session

Communicate Your Vision: Discuss your expectations and share the sentimental value of including your pet in your wedding photos. It’s essential that your photographer resonates with your vision and can reflect it authentically.

Making Every Moment Count: Safety and Comfort for Your Pet

The well-being of your pet during the photoshoot with pets is critical. Here are some strategies to ensure they stay comfortable and safe:

winter wedding portrait photoshoot with two husky dogs in the snow
  • Plan for Breaks: Pets can get easily overwhelmed, so incorporate short breaks during the photoshoot to give them a chance to rest.
  • Stay Hydrated: Always have fresh water available, especially if you’re hosting an outdoor event.
  • Monitor Their Comfort: Keep an eye on your pet’s behaviour throughout the day. Any signs of stress should be addressed immediately by allowing them some downtime or quiet space away from the crowd.
Close-Up Photo of Dog Wearing Sunglasses at a wedding

Including your pet in your wedding isn’t just about getting cute photos; it’s a heartfelt celebration of all the love they bring into your life. If you dream of capturing these profound moments with thoughtfulness and a touch of magic, I’m here to help make that dream a reality. Let’s craft beautiful memories together with your furry best friend at your side!

Thank you for considering this delightful addition to your wedding day. I look forward to helping you capture your story, complete with paws, smiles, and all.


Let me answer them!

Absolutely! Pets can be a delightful addition to your wedding photos. With some thoughtful preparation and a skilled photographer who understands how to work with animals, your pet can comfortably join in on your special day, adding a personal touch to your wedding memories.

That’s a common concern, and it’s why I recommend a pre-wedding photoshoot. This helps your pet get accustomed to the camera and the presence of a photographer. On your wedding day, we can also designate a quiet space and schedule breaks to ensure your pet feels safe and stress-free.

Safety and comfort are my top priorities. We ensure this by:

  • Keeping sessions short and sweet to avoid overstimulation.
  • Having familiar toys and treats on hand to make them feel at ease.
  • Ensuring they have breaks and plenty of water, especially if it’s outdoors.
  • Having a dedicated handler, they know and trust to look after them during the event.

While accessories can add a charming element, it’s important to choose items that are comfortable and safe for your pet. Avoid anything too restrictive or elaborate that might cause discomfort. Simple, well-fitted accessories like a bow tie, floral collar, or a themed leash usually work well and look great in photos.

If your pet shows any signs of discomfort or stress, we will take a break or stop the session if necessary. The well-being of your pet is more important than any photo. We can always try different approaches or adjust our plans to better suit your pet’s mood and comfort level.

dog is at a wedding holding the wedding rings

Let’s Make Your Wedding

Unforgettably Adorable!

Imagine your furry friend charmingly captured in your wedding photos. Let’s turn that dream into reality! Book a session today, and together, we’ll create timeless memories.

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