Natural wedding photography

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Natural wedding photography

Pati & Gábor, August 18, 2019

It is a truly unique wedding venue with a great couple. Traditional Hungarian wedding moments included the throwing of money or the bridal dance. This is how I could characterise Pati and Gábor’s wedding.

The atmosphere was unforgettable, with lots of fun and sincere emotions. And, of course, significantly down with the hat in front of Pati, who had already done it when she was pregnant.

This was my first time photographing a Bodrogi Kúria Wellness Hotel wedding. It can be said that the location has excellent features, and the environment is cosy and romantic—a perfect place to organise a wedding. The rooms have a somewhat rustic vintage feel, which can be seen in the use of different materials, but at the same time, we often find carved wooden furniture as well, which further reinforces this line.

There is also an excellent small lake on the site, where the ceremony occurred, practically on a small island. What makes it even more romantic is that the couple in love can say yes in the shade of two willow trees.


As a wedding photographer, natural or candid wedding photography is my preferred style for capturing the beautiful moments of a couple’s special day. I believe in preserving the authentic emotions, unposed interactions, and candid expressions that make each wedding unique and unforgettable.

When photographing a wedding, I strive to blend seamlessly into the background, becoming a hidden observer rather than a director. My goal is to capture the genuine moments as they unfold without interrupting or staging them. I want to document the raw and real emotions, the laughter, tears, and joyous moments that create a tapestry of memories.

Natural wedding photography allows me to focus on the small, intimate details that often go unnoticed. I cherish capturing stolen glances between the couple; the laughter shared between friends, the tears of joy shed by loved ones, and the spontaneous gestures of affection. These moments tell the true story of the day, capturing the essence and atmosphere of the celebration.

What sets candid wedding photography apart is its ability to freeze moments, allowing the couple to relive their special day through images that evoke genuine emotions. When they look back at their photographs, I want them to be transported back to the joy, love, and excitement they felt in that moment, experiencing the same emotions all over again.

I believe candid wedding photography is a refreshing departure from traditional posed shots. It embraces the imperfections and uniqueness of each couple and their wedding day. I can capture the essence of their relationship, personalities, and genuine connection through this style.

By choosing candid or natural wedding photography, couples can expect images that authentically portray their love, emotions, and interactions that make their wedding day unforgettable. These photographs will serve as a timeless reminder of the joy and happiness shared between the couple and their families and friends.


When it comes to wedding photography, a few popular styles are often considered the best. Traditional photography, classic or posed photography, focuses on capturing formal and structured shots. It involves the photographer directing and arranging the subjects to ensure everyone looks their best and all the crucial moments are captured.

Other popular style is photojournalistic photography, documentary or candid photography. This style takes a more spontaneous and unobtrusive approach, capturing genuine emotions and interactions throughout the day. It aims to tell the story of the wedding through candid shots, resulting in a collection of authentic and intimate images.

Many couples opt for a blend of both traditional and photojournalistic styles, creating a hybrid approach. This allows for comprehensive wedding day coverage, combining the elegance of posed shots with natural and unscripted moments. The best type of photography for a wedding ultimately depends on the couple’s preferences and the aesthetic they want to achieve, so it’s essential to communicate with potential photographers and review their portfolios to find the perfect match.


To look natural in wedding photos, there are a few tips you can keep in mind. First, relax and be yourself. Authenticity shines through in photographs, so try not to overthink or pose too much. Instead, focus on enjoying the moment and letting your genuine emotions shine. Secondly, communicate with your photographer. Discuss your preferences and concerns; they can offer guidance and capture your best angles.

Additionally, practice your smile and expressions beforehand so they feel natural and comfortable on the big day. Remember to maintain good posture and be mindful of your body language. Lastly, trust in the expertise of your photographer. They have the experience and skills to capture your natural beauty, so allow them to guide you and capture the special moments as they unfold.

Hey there, searching for a wedding photographer who can capture genuine, down-to-earth moments that make your love story unique? Look no further, my friend! As a natural wedding photography style enthusiast, I keep things natural and unposed. I want you to feel comfortable and be yourselves, so I can capture those authentic smiles, laughs, and happy tears that reflect your personality.

No stiff poses or awkward moments with me! Just pure, beautiful, and candid shots that will bring a genuine smile to your face every time you look at them. Let’s make your wedding day an unforgettable experience and create some jaw-droppingly beautiful memories together! Please shoot me a message, and let’s get this party started!



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