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The Reason Why?

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If you’re looking for event photography that values genuine, unscripted moments and truly captures the essence of your event, then my services are precisely what you need. With a rich background in photojournalism, I specialize in candid-style event photography, perfect for those who wish to immortalize their special moments in the most authentic way possible.

You deserve event photography that tells your story in a way that resonates with your event’s real emotions, interactions, and experiences. My approach in event photography is to be a discreet observer, capturing the essence of your moments without intrusion. This ensures you get a true representation of your event, filled with genuine laughter, spontaneous smiles, and heartfelt connections.

The candid images I capture for those hosting a corporate event are invaluable for your brand’s storytelling and marketing. This style of event photography provides authentic, engaging visuals that can powerfully connect with your audience, enhancing your brand’s narrative and appeal.

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event photography on Balaton Sound music festival

How it works

After you submit your enquiry form for event photography, the next step is to arrange a meeting and a consultation. This is an ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have and for us to understand what you’re looking for in your family photo session.

I always prefer to meet in person to discuss your event photography needs, but if that’s not feasible, a video call or Zoom meeting is also a great alternative. We will secure the photo session date with a deposit if you decide.

Throughout the process, from planning to execution, we will maintain constant communication to ensure everything is organized smoothly. I aim to ensure that you will be completely satisfied with the photos, which will be treasured memories of your event.


  • Authentic Candid Photography
  • Discreet and Unobtrusive Approach
  • High-Quality Imagery
  • Diverse Event Coverage
  • Online Gallery and Easy Access
  • Corporate Branding and Marketing Use



Emerald Moments

event photography on Balaton Sound music festival

£ 350

It is ideal for small gatherings, private parties, or brief corporate events. Perfect for clients who need professional coverage of key moments without requiring extended hours of photography.


Up to 2 hours of event coverage

Number of Images

50-100 professionally edited high-resolution images


Images are delivered through a secure online gallery for easy viewing, sharing, and downloading

Pre-Event Consultation

A session to discuss your specific needs and preferences


Emerald Splendor

balaton sound

£ 600

Suited for medium-sized events such as weddings, corporate functions, or milestone celebrations. Great for clients who want comprehensive coverage, including various aspects of their event.


Up to 4 hours of event coverage

Number of Images

150-200 professionally edited high-resolution images


Online gallery and USB drive with all captured images


One 8×10 professional print of a chosen image

Pre-Event Consultation

Detailed discussion to plan for the event coverage

Emerald Gala

theatre photography

£ 1,000

Ideal for large-scale events or full-day corporate events. Perfect for clients who require all-encompassing event coverage from start to finish.


Up to 6 hours of comprehensive event coverage

Number of Images

250-300 professionally edited high-resolution images


Online gallery, USB drive, and a custom photo book


Two 8×10 professional prints and a 20-page premium photo album

Pre-Event Consultation

In-depth planning sessions to ensure all aspects of the event are covered.

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Take the Next Step Towards Capturing Your Memories:

  • Get in Touch: Have questions or are ready to discuss your event’s photography needs? I’m here to help. Email me at emeraldphotouk@gmail.com, and let’s start the conversation.
  • Give Us a Call: Would you prefer to talk it through? I’m just a phone call away. Contact me at 07493299923 for a friendly chat about how I can bring your event to life through my lenses.
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