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Location: Budapest Castle Bazaar & The Royal Gardens

Ági & Matyi, Sept 4, 2016

Adri and Gábor’s wedding was love from the first moment I met them and started talking about the details. Not only because they looked amazing together and radiated joy from their faces every minute, but their wedding venue was also unique; the decor and the atmosphere of the guests all contributed to the perfect big day.


Budapest is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Europe. Everything is possible, from planning a micro wedding to a large wedding party with many guests—a perfect location for planning weddings in every way.

The city’s beautiful panoramas provide the opportunity to take genuinely romantic and intimate portraits. But in addition to the fact that you can take advantage of Budapest’s natural values on your wedding day, you can also take advantage of its urban and artificial parts, which guarantee genuinely unique and memorable wedding photos.

It was the case for Ági and Matyi’s portrait session, as we chose a location where, in addition to having wonderfully romantic lights and background, it allowed me to experiment with different exciting shapes, colours and lights by placing the wedding couple in other places.

Budapest wedding venues usually have outstanding beauty. We can find both natural and artificial backgrounds when taking wedding pictures.


In my opinion, Budapest is also a perfect location for destination weddings. With its unique and unusual locations and monumental and unique urban places, it certainly provides an excellent opportunity to hold an intimate and small wedding where only you and a few wedding guests participate.


As we can see, for example, in the pictures of Ági and Matyi, a lot depends on the mood of the wedding party. To be able to take atmospheric and beautiful photos of the guests, the guests must also have a wonderful and unique style and enjoy the wedding.


Planning and achieving your wedding can be an exciting and fulfilling journey. It involves careful consideration of your desires, budget, and logistical details. Following a systematic approach and keeping a few essential factors in mind, you can increase your chances of creating the wedding you’ve always envisioned. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Visualise Your Perfect Wedding: Imagine and define your dream wedding. Consider the theme, style, ambience, location, and overall atmosphere you envision. Think about the colours, decorations, and elements that are important to you. This will provide a clear direction for your planning process.
  2. Set a Realistic Budget: Determine your budget early on as it will influence every aspect of your wedding planning. Discuss your financial situation with your partner and any other contributors. Allocate funds to different categories such as venue, catering, attire, photography, and entertainment. Prioritise the areas that matter most to you.
  3. Create a Timeline: Establish a timeline for your wedding planning process. Set a date for the wedding and work backwards, considering the time needed for each task. This will help you stay organised and accomplish everything within the available time frame.
  4. Research and Gather Ideas: Explore various sources of inspiration, such as wedding magazines, websites, social media platforms, and attending wedding expos. Create a vision board or a digital folder to collect ideas, images, and details that resonate with your dream wedding. This will help you refine your choices and communicate your preferences to vendors.
  5. Select the Perfect Venue: Choose a venue that aligns with your vision and budget. Consider factors such as location, capacity, availability, and the services they offer. Visit potential venues to get a feel for the space and discuss any specific requirements you have in mind.
  6. Assemble a Reliable Team: Surround yourself with a trustworthy and competent team of vendors, including wedding planners, photographers, caterers, florists, and musicians. Seek recommendations, read reviews, and conduct interviews to ensure their professionalism and compatibility with your vision.
  7. Personalise the Details: Add personal touches to your wedding to make it unique and memorable. Incorporate elements that reflect your personalities, hobbies, or shared experiences. Customised invitations, meaningful decorations, and personalised vows are examples.
  8. Manage Logistics: Pay attention to logistical details such as guest accommodations, transportation, seating arrangements, and timelines. Create a comprehensive checklist and keep track of all the necessary tasks to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  9. Stay Organized: Utilize wedding planning tools, spreadsheets, or dedicated apps to stay organised and keep all your information in one place. Regularly update your to-do list, budget spreadsheet, and vendor contact details. This will help you stay on top of things and reduce stress.
  10. Enjoy the Process: Remember that planning your wedding should be an enjoyable experience. While challenges may arise, embrace the journey and make it a memorable part of your love story. Take breaks and involve your loved ones to share the joy and excitement.

By approaching your wedding planning process with careful consideration and attention to detail, you can increase the likelihood of turning your perfect wedding into a reality. Remember, it’s your special day, and with the proper planning and execution, it can become a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime.


Dreaming about your wedding can be a positive and meaningful experience for many individuals. It often symbolises hope, anticipation, and the desire for a significant milestone in life. Dreaming about your wedding allows you to explore your aspirations, preferences, and emotions surrounding this momentous event. It can provide insights into your deepest desires and help you visualise what you truly want for your special day.

Additionally, dreaming about your wedding can spark creativity, allowing you to brainstorm ideas and consider various possibilities. However, it’s important to remember that dreams are subjective and can hold different meanings for each individual. Ultimately, whether it’s good or not to dream about your wedding depends on your interpretation and the emotions it evokes within you.



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