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Location: Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel and Radnor Rooms

Erin & Robin, July 22, 2023

In the heart of lively Bristol, where old-school charm meets the buzz of the present, the Radnor Rooms sat like that relaxed, vintage cafe everyone loves. With its brick walls and cosy corners, it had seen many a party and heartwarming gathering. But today? Today was extra special. The sun shone a tad brighter, almost winking at the city as if in on a secret.

Erin and Robin’s journey began in the sun-drenched landscapes of Australia. Their love story, which blossomed amidst the golden beaches and vast outbacks, had now brought them to the shores of Bristol. This wasn’t just a wedding but a reunion of two worlds. The couple, wanting to honour their Bristolian heritage, celebrated their union in the city, surrounded by friends and family who had watched their love story unfold from afar.


The day’s events began to unfold at the opulent Marriott Hotel. The hotel’s grandeur, lavish interiors, and panoramic city views set the tone for the day. Inside Erin’s suite was a flurry of activity. Bridesmaids flitted around, helping with the final touches, while the air was filled with excitement and nostalgia. Erin looked every bit the radiant bride in her pristine white gown, her eyes sparkling with a mix of emotions. On the other hand, Robin was the epitome of calm and poise. His suit, sharp and perfectly tailored, reflected his personality – elegant and understated.


As the clock ticked closer to the ceremony, the party went to the iconic Christmas Steps pub. This historic pub was buzzing with energy, with its dark wooden interiors and walls adorned with memories. Guests, some meeting after years, clinked glasses, their conversations a mix of reminiscing the past and excitement for the day ahead.

I saw stories of friendships, shared adventures, and celebrations through my lens.


But the true magic began at the Radnor Rooms. The venue was transformed into a fairy-tale setting with its exposed brick walls, ambient lighting, and rustic decor. As Erin made her entrance, the room stood still. The raw emotion of the moment, the culmination of years of love, dreams, and memories, was palpable. Their vows, heartfelt and genuine, resonated with everyone present. It was a testament to their journey, a love that had crossed oceans and defied distances.

The beauty of documentary photography is its authenticity. As the couple exchanged rings, family members wiped away tears, and friends cheered in jubilation, I captured the unscripted, spontaneous, and honest.

After the ceremony, the Radnor Rooms came alive with celebration. The aroma of the BBQ wafted through the air, a delightful blend of spices and grilled goodness. With plates piled high, guests settled into conversations, the atmosphere light and joyous. Music filled the air, and Erin & Robin had a great time In the beautiful company of their friends and family.

As the night drew close, I, as their photographer, took a moment to reflect. It wasn’t just about capturing images but about encapsulating memories, emotions, and moments that would be cherished forever. Erin & Robin’s wedding was more than an event; it celebrated love, heritage, and the coming together of two worlds.

Thanks again, Erin & Robin, for the opportunity and your trust in me as your photographer for capturing your bristol wedding.

In the tapestry of life, few moments shine as brightly as the day two souls vow to journey together. These moments, fleeting as they may seem, are the ones that define our stories. As a documentary-style wedding photographer, my mission is more than just capturing images; it’s about encapsulating the essence of your love story, the laughter, the tears, the stolen glances, and the heartfelt embraces.

With Erin & Robin, I was privileged to weave a narrative spanned continents, cultures, and countless memories. If you’re seeking a photographer and a storyteller who can see the unseen and immortalise the moments that truly matter, I would be honoured to be a part of your journey. Let’s create a visual legacy of your love that can be cherished and revisited for generations.



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