The Best Music Playlists for Photo Editing: Elevate Your Creativity

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As a photographer, I know firsthand how vital it is to create an environment that nurtures our creativity and keeps us focused. Music has always been my secret weapon. It sets the mood, inspires me, and keeps me grounded during long editing sessions.

In this blog post, I’ll share some insights on how to edit photos with music, recommend some of the best playlists, and talk about tools and resources that can help you integrate music into your workflow. So grab your headphones, and let’s dive in!

The Benefits of Listening to Music While Editing Photos

Listening to music while editing photos can transform your entire experience. For us introverted, intuitive, and deeply thoughtful creatives, music is more than just background noise; it’s a companion that enhances our emotional connection to our work.

Music helps you get into the zone, making it easier to stay focused and productive. Whether you’re editing wedding photos, portraits, or landscapes, the right tunes can elevate your mood and inspire you to see your work from new perspectives. For instance, soft instrumental music helps me concentrate on intricate details, while upbeat tracks boost my energy during tedious tasks.

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Types of Music to Enhance Different Editing Needs

Choosing the right type of music is crucial. Here are some genres and playlists that I’ve found particularly effective for different stages of the editing process:

  • Ambient and Classical: Perfect for when you need deep focus. Artists like Ludovico Einaudi and Max Richter create a calm atmosphere that helps you concentrate.
  • Instrumental and Lo-Fi: These are ideal for maintaining a steady rhythm without distractions. Playlists like “Lo-Fi Beats” on Spotify can keep you in the editing groove.
  • Upbeat and Motivational: Great for overcoming creative blocks or when you’re feeling a bit sluggish. Try playlists like “Today’s Top Hits” for a burst of energy.

You can easily find these playlists on popular music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music.

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Creating the Perfect Playlist for Your Editing Sessions

Creating a personalised playlist tailored to your editing needs can make a huge difference. Here’s how you can build your perfect playlist:

  1. Identify Your Mood: Decide whether you need calming music to focus or energetic tracks to stay motivated.
  2. Curate Your Songs: Choose songs that resonate with you and support the emotional tone of your work. Mixing familiar favourites with discoveries can keep things fresh.
  3. Test and Adjust: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different genres and playlists until you find what works best for you.

One of the best video and photo editing apps with music is Adobe Premiere Pro. This app allows you to seamlessly edit photos with music in the background, creating a cohesive and immersive experience.

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Tools and Resources to Integrate Music into Your Workflow

Integrating music into your editing workflow is easier than you might think. Here are some tools and resources that can help:

  • Best Laptop for Photo Editing and Music: Invest in a high-performance laptop like the MacBook Pro or Dell XPS, which can handle demanding photo editing software and play high-quality music without lag.
  • Music Streaming Services: Use platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, or, which offer curated playlists specifically designed for focus and creativity.
  • Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop are top choices for photo editing. Pair them with music apps to create a seamless editing experience. Additionally, apps like InShot and VSCO are great for editing photos with music on the go.
Macro Shot Audio Equalizer

Recommended Playlists and Artists for Photo Editing

To get you started, here are some of my favourite playlists and artists that are perfect for photo editing:

1. Chill/ Photo Editing

By: Megan Kelly

The playlist length is 32 hours and 57 minutes. A very extensive music playlist where you can find a wide variety of styles. The best thing I like about these playlists is that while you are editing the pictures, the music that has a piano word is always more reassuring to me. It is said that classical instruments and soft pop music are the most conducive to relaxation. However, we would think that when we are editing, maybe we need to spin ourselves up for our brain to perform better and thus be able to concentrate 100% physically and mentally on the burden on us.

I love playlists with soft singing sounds because it helps me relax. However, since I retouch for several days in general, there are certain stages in my work when I don’t want soft, weak vocals and piano vocals but opt for more vibrant, rhythmic music to get through the emotional ups and downs. Most photographers will experience this differently, and there are parts in everyone’s workflow that go fast, and there are times when one can fumble with an image for hours. 

Turned on Screen Silver Macbook Air on Wooden Desk for photo editing

2. Photography Editing

By: Sarah Hanthorn

While this is not a playlist that lasts too long, I think it’s a beautiful selection. Guitar and acoustic music help me get my continued attention, which I honestly admit is essential to focus on for hours to make small details perfect. What’s still really important to me is what might sound like depressing-sounding music to someone else, and as an outsider, it’s certainly not going to come down to someone who helps one’s liking. 

I mostly listen to them for retouching. I’ve noticed that listening to melodies in a sad mood matters practically a lot during retouching. Because during post-production, it is crucial to concentrate on relatively monotonous things for as long as possible and keep your brain active at all times without being disturbed by anything.

3. Editing flow

By: Alex Strohl

One of the most listened-to music compositions I recommend for photographers who want to hear a hypnotic, truly soothing and at the same time constantly thinking music list. I recommend it to those who are fans of classical music, but at the same time, they are open to listening to new kinds of musical trends and different mixed versions. It is also a relatively long playlist. The playlist length is 19 hours and 29 minutes. The strength of the playlist is that even though a similar type of music is playing, it does not let the listener be wholly let go; instead, more and more sounds can be found in it.

Blue Vinyl Record Playing on Turntable for listening photo editing music

Remember, creating an environment that supports your creative process is vital to successful photo editing. Music is a powerful tool that can enhance your workflow, inspire you, and help you produce your best work. So, put on your favourite playlist, fire up the best laptop for photo editing and music, and let your creativity flow. Happy editing!


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